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By magdalena
October 25, 2019
Jumanji is a very well assessed slot based on an extremely popular American adventure film from 1995. The game perfectly reflects the climate of the screening and really makes us hard to leave the game. It is a game created literally for everyone - in the end, who from the fans of casino games do not like constantly surprising and rich functions of bonus slots in the adventure recital? "
  • Expanded Bonus Board Game
  • Great graphic and audio effects
  • Plenty of bonus functions
  • It is true that there are free spins here, but we do not get too much

Jumanji - Sensational adventure from Netent

Jumanji is absolute (and another) hit from one of the largest software providers in the world of online casinos - netent. Yes, Jumanji is undoubtedly one of the best production of the renowned company NET Entertainment, which released a lot of phenomenal games and ... It's always doing it!

The Jumanji slot was released for the first time in 2018 and in principle from the very beginning enjoys great popularity. In part probably because practically everyone knows the film Jumanji - and most of us really like him. However, this is a more important factor that the game has been really great.

First of all, it is a symbol of an intriguing adventure and danger that involves discovering unknown paths. This has been well devoted thanks to numerous graphic and sound effects that significantly increase our joy of the game.

In addition, Jumanji is a slot with a really unique structure. We have standard five drums here, although the number of rows is variable. Both three-row, four-row and five-row system are available here. This is definitely unusual and at the same time a really interesting solution. The Swedish Gigant Netent constantly surprises its players, introducing various types of unconventional solutions that basically really pass the exam in every case.

In addition, Jumanji is a slot characterized by a really popular number of bonus functions. We will find here literally everything - free spins, multipliers, as well as a number of special bonus games along with really solid visual effects. This is one of those games whose discovery and checking all its possibilities will surely take us a lot of time.
What symbols are we meet in Jumanji's game?

What symbols are we meet in Jumanji's game?

Jumanji is also a game filled with various types of symbols that perfectly reflect the climate of the screening and complement the recurrence of the adventure. We find here, among others, pelicans, rhinoceroses, crocodiles, lions, as well as Cards J, Q, K, A. Lew, as a natural king of the jungle, here is the most lucrative symbol that can really be rewarded - even 14 times!

In addition, we will also meet here also with Wild and Scatter symbols. Wild symbol is shown very straightforward - just as a wild inscription. The SCATTER symbol in turn is the Jumanji game itself. Both can significantly increase our wiper, eg three scatter symbols will run a special board game.

Jumanji - a game full of elements of surprise and various types of bonus functions

Jumanji is a literally filled with various kinds of bonus functions that make the whole "adventure" much more interesting. If we are looking for a game that literally will prompt us and for a long period of time to surprise more and more bonus elements that can potentially give us really generous winnings - this is a slot that we must give you a chance.

The first bonus function in Jumanji's game is Monsoon Wilds - after activating the so-called "Monsoon Spins" granted to us is seven free spins and one or two drums are covered with Wild symbols.

The second bonus function here is Sticky Vines. As part of this function, all symbols constituting some of the win are attached to the drums. The remaining in turn will be able to turn again and thus - we will again get a chance to win!

The third function is Wild Stampede. And you have to admit - it is really brilliant. When it is activated after our screen "Test" a herd of hippos. If we did not get acquainted with bonus functions in Jumanji and we activate this bonus for the first time - we will definitely be surprised by the effect that we will see here. As part of this function, we get from four to nine Wild symbols during rotation of drums.

The fourth function is Monkey Mayhem. It is activated quite random during the game and rewards us an additional win, dependent on the conditions set in the table. When the drums cease to turn, the symbols will arrange in a way that guarantees to win us.

In the Jumanji game, we will also find a really expanded board game that is activated by Scatter symbols. We also have four avatars for choice - depending on how animal in the jungle we would like to stay today. A monkey, wild boar, hippo, as well as an elephant.

A great option is also that we have a chance for drawing free spins. We can get five, six, seven or even ten spins depending on what kind of spins will be activated (stampede, Monkey, Monsoon, Vines).

Another additional bonus element in the Jumanji game is the Mystery function. It allows us to scratch both free spots, ankle throw, as well as multipliers (2x - 10x).
1. If our pawn lands on the Coin Win field - we win coins whose value will be multiplied by the number on the board field.
2. If, however, we will hit the EXTRA ROLL field - we get an extra ankle throw.

Jumanji in a pill

According to many Jumanji, this is a definite favorite for the game of 2018. According to some - by far the best slot in which they had the opportunity to play in the online casino. Very few people have Jumanji's game to be alleged. The vast majority of the community describes this slot in the superlates themselves.

In short - Netent once again did a medal. We have a lot of various kinds of bonus functions here, which will certainly make our game much more interesting. In addition, we can also get a lot here - even 504 times the value of our bet!

This slot is characterized by a relatively high RTP coefficient and a low minimum and high maximum amount of a single plant. In addition, Jumanji is distinguished by the average level of volatility, which is why it is a better game located for people with a distal bankroll.

However, this is undoubtedly a game that should check exactly everyone. Holding a tense adventure is something that every online casino player loves. If we add to this really high quality of workmanship and extremely interesting functions introduced by the netent ... no one can surprise that so many people list this slot at the forefront of all time games.

release date June 21, 2018
Return to Player (RTP) 96.33%
Volatility level Average
Software supplier NetEnt
Game Adventure
Winning lines 36
Number of drums 5
The minimum number of coins per line 1
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £) 0.1 / 200
Jackpot No
Maximum win (coins) 1400
Bonus functions Monkey Mayhem, Board Game, Wild Stampede, Monsoon Wilds, Sticky Vines, Mystery
Supported platforms PC/Mac/IOS/Android

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