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Fire Joker

By magdalena
November 5, 2019
Fire Joker is a game to which it is still coming back. This is a classic in itself, Slot is a faithful mapping of the first machines on the market. If the same, like the first game vending players, you want to discover the first slots or you are weary complicated games, Fire Joker is certainly for you.
  • Easy automatic operation
  • Interesting functions
  • Exciting game
  • No bonus game
  • Niemodnic graphics

Introduction to Fire Joker

Inspiration to create Fire Joker Play 'n him from the first machines that appeared on the market. Slot is very simple to use, which is why it is particularly suitable for beginners and we recommend it to them. However, our observations clearly show that even experienced players have a fondness for the Fire Joker machine. It is a breeze of freshness and respite from games that have many functions and much happens in them.

Symbols in the game are fruits and title joker. The grid of the game is very small, has a 3 × 3 size, so 9 symbols appear on the screen at the same time. A small number of symbols allows for easy observation of the game and its course, for beginners it is a lot of facilitation.

RTP Fire Joker oscillates about 96%. This is a fairly typical result, like a slot from a good manufacturer, like any other player, you have a chance to win. The chance increases with the game time, so use this tip. Slot has 5 payment lines and 3 drums. At least 1 coin can be placed on one line, the maximum number of coins per line is 5. The rate may be from 0.01 coins to up to 20 coins. It is otherwise from 0.05 $ to $ 100.

Fire Joker is well adapted for beginner players because changing settings is not complicated. The rate and coins are changed with the "+" and "-" buttons, you can set another number at any time, give yourself time to feel the game and try with different settings.

Theme and symbols in Fire Joker

We have already mentioned that Fire Joker slot has a classic theme, it means that fruits dominate. In addition to fruits, there are also other symbols that we told. Fire Joker introduces a very interesting atmosphere that draws every player. Symbols and background are maintained in burgundy colors with small exceptions. Many players think that playing Fire Joker you can feel like in a real stationary casino. In the climate also introduces energetic music that is simultaneously mysterious.

When a player will hit a happy cluster, symbols that participate in it overlap with a flame. None of a reason Fire Joker has "Fire" in its name. The symbols will not surprise experienced players, but it is worth knowing what victory can be counted.

The most famous are symbols depicting fruits, but actually accompanying their symbols give the player the greatest win. Classic "7" is a symbol that is certainly worth noting. After encountering 3 "7" in one line, you can expect a winnings out of 25, assuming that the plant is 1.50. Using the same plant, when you draw three large, yellow stars, you can count on winning 20.

There is a "bar" in the next place. It is an equally interesting symbol, and maybe you will be richer for a few coins. For every three symbols of this type you will get a winner of 15. Only fruit appears at this moment. The most profit give plums, for three of them you will get a win with a value 7. In turn, three grapes are won equal to 6. Immediately behind the grapes there are lemons, they give a won worth 5. Win 4 guarantee cherries. At the very end there is a "X" symbol, this in turn allows you to win 2 coins.

The most powerful symbol is the title Joker, which we will talk about soon. If you are not sure what you are entitled to you, you can always come back to the table, it is available at any time. Do not hesitate to change the rates and try different game techniques. The highest win is up to 800x arranged by the bet player, so this is a game worth a candle.

Additional Fire Joker functions

Fire Joker is a classic style, so as you can guess, the first games did not have too many interesting functions. The machine is very simplified, but it does not mean that it is completely deprived of additives. Below we present all of them:


Joker, who is one of the symbols of the described game, is simultaneously the symbol "Wild". This means that it can replace any other symbol. With its help, you can easily get a happy cluster, and besides, Joker is the best valuable symbol in the whole game - for its drawing (at a rate of 1.5) you can get a prize of 80.

The respin of fire

The Respin of Fire is a special feature that can bring a lot of benefits. It is started when the same symbols appear on two drums, but you do not have happiness to the third drum. At this point, the symbols start swirling again, and Respin is completely free.

Wheel of Multipliers

The win is multiplied X10 when during the Respin of Fire function, the player will be able to come across the third identical symbol. In addition, the Wheel of Multipliers function starts when the player can fill the screen with the same symbol. The circle appears on the screen where the multipliers are located. The wheel moves and stops on one of them. In this way, you can get a multiplier of even x800, Slot allows you to also receive larger winnings.

Summary Fire Joker

Fire Joker is a vending machine for anyone looking for classic impressions. Graphics and music only seemingly look at the ameine, they have been properly modernized in such a way that they correspond to the needs of each player. A novice-friendly interface and easy service make many people are pleased to return to Fire Joker. Slot provides many hours of intense entertainment, certainly will not get bored too quickly, and if you add your happiness, you can count on winning.

release date 14.06.2016
Return to Player (RTP) 96,15%
Volatility level Average
Software supplier Play'n Go
Game Fruit, Joker
Winning lines 5
Number of drums 3
The minimum number of coins per line 1
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £) 0.05$ / 100$
Jackpot In
Maximum win (coins) 80000
Bonus functions Wild, Wheel of Multipliers, Respin of Fire
Supported platforms iOS, Windows, Android

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