Save Ellie and grab cash in Goodwin Casino

By magdalena
February 21, 2022
So far, beyond our review, we have not mentioned much about the Goodwin Casino, so we make up our arrears. From the same review, you can see that the site is the most recommendable for each player. In terms of tournaments, the casino for a moment writing a review was quite normally, but we see that the Goodwin Casino owner does not launch and decided to settle his section with tournaments. New events appear regularly, and we particularly interested us about which we would like to say a little more. So we invite you to read and for more in-depth familiarization with this casino and with what it suggests.

Award for the most courageous

Do you want to set off for adventure and win a little cash by the way? Ellie in Trouble It is an ideal tournament for you. Your task is to save Ellie from Bastindy's paw, which does not want to release her for freedom. Remember, however, that if you decide on it, a real struggle awaits you, so you will have to really try to win. You see that this is not an ordinary tournament, it is required from a player of a lot of commitment, so if you are looking for adventures, it is necessary to save it.

How can you take part in the Ellie In Trouble tournament?

It is known that you must be registered in the Goodwin Casino, so if you do not have an account yet, put them on now. You still have a whole week to win the main prize, this is definitely enough time to collect the right number of points. However, it is worth remembering that this is not a free competition, each player must pay 100 GW to be able to participate in this event.

To this is also worth remembering that players can not choose a minimum risk bet because it will not be passed. Only won in the tournament counts. This means that this person who during the competition will win the greatest sum, get a prize. In addition, only those people who have received any deposit participated in the tournament only in the last week, may even be this minimum.

We are now going to games from which you can use this event. The casino emphasizes that Card games are not included in this promotionHowever, from the traditional games, however, you can use roulette. To this players have a choice of quite a lot of slots, they are, among others:

Games on the list is much more, so you do not have to worry that you will still have to use only one game. Most are slots from different manufacturers, but we also see live games, so there is a big choice among different items. Certainly among them you will find items that you already like or who would like to know and try.

Winning in the Ellie In Trouble in Goodwin Casino

Awards from this tournament are foreseen for 6 people, so you have to try to become a winner. 1,000 dollars are to divide. The casino presents a percentage division of this sum between players. The first person on the list will get 33% of this amount, another 25% person, the third player on the list will get 20%, then the win is 14% and at the end of 8%. The win is divided quite fair and to pick up immediately after the results of the results. We also encourage you to try other tournaments from this casino, because each of them has an interesting motive and tells a certain story. If you want to experience an interesting adventure, necessarily play on Goodwin Casino.