A unusual offer from Betsson for all of January

By magdalena
13 January, 2022
People who are looking for exciting tournaments know sure that online casino Betsson is one of the best places to find them. The casino always surprises its players with very attractive offers, not only for tournaments, but also when it comes to lotteries and other reliefs for all players.

It is possible that you still do not know the Betsson casino, then on our site you can read on this casino and take advantage of not only from the desired offer, but also from other profits to start, and we must admit that they are very beneficial for new users.

2022 race in Betsson

The latest tournament betsson, i.e. the 2022 race started on January 6, and on January 12 his first part ended. The promised game on playing from NetEnt and winning free spins on one of them. If you are not a too much fan of Netent, we can tell you that you have not lost too much, because it's still a lot in front of you. The tournament ends only on February 2, so you can easily save it. Signing to the race is the first element that you must do, otherwise even if you play in the right games, these efforts will not be included in the competition.

Throughout the tournament you can use the deposit bonus. All you need to do is pay less 40 AUD, and another 40 AUD will appear on your account. The maximum amount you can transfer is AUD 200. From today, from January 13, you can take part in the next part of the competition, and this is Race after Bonus Games Inc.. The rules are simple, for each rotated 400 AUD you get an additional 20 AUD. Remember, however, that you can gain them only through the game in slots from Bonus Games Inc. In total, you can get until 160 AUD An additional bonus, so it's what to play. This part of the tournament ends on January 16.

Subsequent parts of the 2022 race

The 2022 race does not end on January 16. The new part begins for the next day after the last promotion, or 17 January. This time, slots from Pragmatic take part in the game, and exactly Da Vinci’s Treasure, the dog house and super joker. This time the fun is that you won the highest prize in a single spin. The greater the win, the higher in the list you will find, and thus you can even win to 1000 AUD. Play and win even bigger money. You have a few days to try your strength, tAnd the part ends on January 23.

From On January 24 Betsson has prepared something that will surely please all Play'n Go fans. Player's task that decided to fight for the prize is to turn at least 400 AUD, playing the play'n Go Slots chosen by themselves. If you succeed, you get 25 Completely Free spins On one of the most popular casino games, or Book of Dead. You can also repeat your success and gain even 200 free spins. Remember, however, that the promotion ends on January 30.

Surprise at the end

The last part of the Betsson tournament is logging in to your account exactly on 31 January. You do not have to play or pay money, just log in to the Betsson casino, and you will see a surprise for you on your account. At this moment we will not betray mystery, sign up for the race yourself, and then use all the benefits they are waiting for you. Good luck!