Spend Christmas Cadool Casino

By magdalena
December 20, 2022
CADOOLA casino invites you to participate in a special event for Christmas. This is one of the more active online casinos on the market, so of course it could not let go of such an opportunity. Among the many tournaments on the site there is one that was created especially to prepare players for very demanding Christmas tournaments. This one is related to the subject, but it is simultaneously treated more as a warm-up. The tournament is very fast and pleasant, more details about it you can learn from the article below. If you want to better meet Cadool's casino better, you can find its review on our website. We invite you to read.

From December 14, 2022, you can take part in a special tournament, which was prepared in honor of the pre-Christmas period. This is a very special time for everyone in which it is difficult to find a place for extra entertainment. Similarly, in online casinos, in almost each of them you can find very interesting offers, and the most of them are foreseen for the holidays.

In online casivity, Cadoola was decided to go a step further and organized a pre-Christmas tournament called early Christmas. His task is to prepare players for very demanding events on the holidays. He will last until December 20, 2022So it will end directly before Christmas. Hurry, because there were only 3 days, use this time as best possible, maybe you can get a gift for the holidays.

Details on the Early Christmas Tournament in Cadoola

Early Christmas is a very fast tournament in which everyone can win. In this case, you can forget about the tedious collectible points and if you do not like this type of events, this time you will be pleased. Players only have to play chosen by the casino game, and each spin can turn out to be the winning. You can rarely meet so favorable promotions, one spin can be enough to win quite a lot of money.

This is a tournament organized along with Play’n go. This means that all games involved also come from this manufacturer. There are not too much, so players do not have too much choice. This is related to the fact that this is a fast promotion. You can try your happiness on type slots Frozen Gems, Rise of Olympus, Gold King i Ice Joker. Already in the titles you can see that some of these games have a holiday or winter theme, so during the game you can feel very climatically.

During the game, there are not too many conditions. All you need to do is use Games from Play'n Go, which have been described earlier, and each of the spins must be provided with a minimum value of 0.5 euros. Play, and every spin can prove to this win. In addition, it is interesting that a single player can win more than one prize, so all the more worth taking part in early Christmas.

What can you win in the new Cadoola Casino Tournament

Won Cadoola casino They will cover up to 150 people. 5,000 euros is exactlyWhat can seem not much, but for a short, random tournament it is a good sum. The prizes are granted randomly, each spin can win. In this tournament, it is 3 x 500 euros, 10 x after 100 euros, 30 x 50 30 euro and 100 x after 10 euros . All cash prizes will be paid within 72 hours. In addition, bonus money is not handled, so you can pay them immediately.