A great slot tournament in Betsafe

By magdalena
18 August, 2022
We invite you to take part in the new tournament played in Betsafe. Certainly, although you know this online casino from hearing if you are no longer registered in it. It is popular because it offers its players not only many gambling games, but also a group of sports betting options. Betsafe has been on the market for several good years, without any problems you can trust him. So it is worth using the news that appear on the site of this casino, especially because they are usually very generous. Look at the last event because it differs a little from what is offered to players in recent times. It is possible that this offer will interest you enough that you will want to use it and register in online Betsafe.

Festival of Betsafe online casino casino

In fact, this is not the latest offer of this casino because it started exactly August 4, 2022. But It is available until August 23, 2022So we have a whole week to use it. You can sign up and take part in this tournament on the last day because this is not an event that requires you to invest your time for a few days. The prizes are distributed every day separately, so you choose whether you want to compete against the day.

We really like this idea because it is known that not everyone will have time to swear for a few days in a row and compete with other users. In this case, you can simply choose one day or a few days unrelated and try to win as much as possible. Choose a day in which you can afford a longer casino game and this is where you try to get the main prize. This is a very good strategy that should provide you with a pretty good result.

Rules of the Betsafe online casino slots festival

Conditions for joining this tournament are very simple. Your task is to save. You do not need to subscribe every day in which you want to take part, just do it only once And you can take part in those days in which this suits you. Another good news is that You can use such a slot you choose. In this case, Betsafe gives players a complete freedom, everyone can play their favorite games.

This means that there is no group of slots from which you must use. In fact, you can use the casino normally, as if the tournament has not had a place. Yes, as in your spare time you would sit to your favorite gambling games, so you can also do it on the day of the tournament. The casino encourages you to try a new game, i.e. the dog house Megaways. It is worth trying it because Megaways can increase your chance to win. See how this game has changed compared to the original version.

The only requirement is that each spin should at least 1.80 zlotys. The player becomes the winner, based on the biggest win from a given spin. This means that the more you get in a given spin, the on a higher position in the leader table you will be. Remember, however, that this win will be divided by the bet, so an increased sum of the plant does not mean automatic win.

Possible win in the Slot Festival

Every day Betsafe prepared AUD 22,500 for his players to hand. This sum will collect as many as 100 players every day. The person first will win as much as AUD 4,500, the player immediately will receive AUD 2,700. A person in the third place will be given AUD 1,800, a player outside the podium will get AUD 1,350. Next, the prizes decrease, and the last twenty players will get exactly AUD 22.5.