The end of December at Slottica Casino

By magdalena
December 29, 2022
The new year is a special time that in the world of gambling is very similar to Christmas. It is very active, and all gambling enthusiasts are already rubbing their hands because they have many tournaments and lotteries to use. If you are looking for real emotions, it's worth taking part in the Slottica casino. It is quite known among players because it offers not only a lot of games, but also for various types of tournaments. So if you do not have an account in Slottica, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our review and the following article, in which we describe the latest events in this casino that have been specially organized on the occasion of the New Year. We invite you to read.

Leaders table in Slottica Casino

From December 22, 2022, the possibility of appearing in the SlotTica casino table. This option works in such a way that taking part in various New Year's tournaments, appropriate points are entered (depending on the place). Participants collect points from all events and can then see their username in this table. Fun will last until 1 FebruaryThat's also carnival also.

Take part in all tournaments and try to get as many points as possible. The 50 best people will be awarded with interesting prizes or cash. In addition, include, among others Huawei MediaPad, Samsung Smartfon, Lenovo Laptop and a lot more. So you can see that it is worth taking part in this action. The overall pool of this event is over 1 million AUD.

New Year Weekend - Slottica Casino Tournament

The New Year Weekend tournament is one of the proposals, thanks to which you can get some additional points on the leader table, as well as some cash. The pool in this tournament is AUD 3,000What you can seem little, but for a quick and simple competition, it's an ideal sum. The name suggests that this tournament will only be available on the weekend, and it really starts a little earlier, because on Thursday and will last until the end of Sunday.

A minimum plant in this case is AUD 0.10. The more you win, the faster you will get enough points. There are several games in which they can gain them, and these are:

Games is more and most are very well known, so even if you are a beginner player, you will be able to have fun. The person first will win 850 AUD, the person in the second place will get 600 AUD, and the player for the third - 400 zlotys.

Loteria New Year Party

The Slottica casino also prepared one lottery, which was specially prepared for the holiday. It has been available since December 21, 2022, and will end on January 10, 2022So there is a lot of time to get a perfect fantess for yourself.

Taking part in this lottery is really easy, and is actually limited to paying the right amount of money. The lottery has 3 levels. At the beginning you should pay at least AUD 400 and thanks to this you have a chance to win, for example Wireless mouse, SSD disk or laptop. In the second level, you must pay at least AUD 3,500 and this time you can get Smartphone, iPhone XR or MacBook Pro.

The last level in this lottery requires AUD 20,000 from the player, but it is worth paying it because the prizes are also unique. It is, among others iPad Pro 11, Apple iMac i iPad Mini. It is interesting that these are not the only suggestions from the Slottica casino, there are much more. Go to the page and see because you can always find something new. If you are an active player, to Slottica and her new tournaments and lotteries can turn out to be an ideal proposal.