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By magdalena
May 20, 2022
"Each player expects from the online casino something else and it is difficult to please everyone. Casino manufacturers have noticed that players not only want to play gambling games, but also want to have fun. That's why Casombie casino is created. This is a page with all functions Online casinos and additionally also offers special features that make the Casombie game really exciting. In the casino you can count on professional help and for detailed information, thanks to which you will be able to easily understand everything. For this, each player also has access to many games, Tournaments and other options we mention at our review. We invite you to read. "
  • One of the more interesting themes
  • Colored
  • Known casino producer
  • Australian language version
  • Many useful information
  • Honesty guarantee
  • The site may load a long time

The name Casombie may indicate that the site is only allowed for zombies, but fortunately the Poles can also be recorded in it. Australia appears on the list of countries that can easily use this casino. Indeed, immediately you can see that Australian players are welcome because the site has been prepared in Australian, which significantly facilitates the use of the site. However, the most important thing is that in Casombie you can operate a Australian currency, which really is a very invaluable advantage of this casino. Experienced players know that the use of a foreign currency can be quite problematic. It seems that the casino pamperes us because we can additionally pay by PaySafe Card, and it is known that this is one of the more convenient options of payments and withdrawals.

Payment methods:


Software provider:

Amatic, Betsoft, ELK, Endorphina, Felix Gaming, Positive pixel, Habanero, Iron Dog, Playson, Red Rake, Salsa Technology, From the waz,
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Number of games 2 000+
Number of software suppliers 35+

Casino Review Casino

This time we have something for people who are not only interested in playing gambling games, but from the online casinos expect something more. It's about add-ons that will make it just another casino, which is already quite a lot on the market, but the site standing out against others. Nobody would have thought about creating a website based on a zombie motif.

While in many casinos use interesting motives that can easily make the page look more or more interesting, in the case of Casombie the site is until the subject of zombies. If you are a fan of them or just seek an interesting casino that does not only offer games, then Casombie will be the right choice. The effect of the theme is already visible at the stage of the logo. It is made in a very creative way, for example, the letter "E" has a human language, and "S" is simply intestines. If you lack quite strong impressions, we recommend the game in Casombie.

Next is even more shared. In the background on the website you can see a street that belongs to the city of Zombie. There are restaurants on it, where you can get hamburgers with brains or specially toned brain discs. We also see various people who have been changed in zombies, they have been presented really in a very detailed way. We like the theme that the theme is really visible everywhere. You can see that the owner came to this. However, you must pay attention to the fact that the site is soaked in various types of graphics, which can bounce at the speed of loading individual functions.

At the top of the main page you will find only a search engine, and on the right hand we have a login and registration option. This is completely different than in a traditional casino in which the function bar is on top. In Casombie it is at the bottom of the page and moves with the player. You will find tournament options, games, promotions and more, and each of them is marked with another, funny drawing, for example a human eye. Next we have presented individual games, one of these flagships, and then we go to the functions of the casino.

We also see the Jackpot pool and other options, everything is very colorful and neon. The owner tried to show the casino as the city at night, which actually succeeded. When you get to the end of the page, you will be able to read a little most important information about this casino, and you will go to references. These are, for example, regulations, site map, partners and several others. We know that this is not more exciting parts, but it is best to get to know all the information about this casino before registration. In Casombie it will be particularly easy because everything is presented in an accessible way that will understand even a beginner player.

Next we also have the option of setting the page language, and each option is shown in tiled with the flag of the country. Being in Australia, Australia will automatically turn on, but manually you can decide yourself, which you prefer. The choice is:

  • Italian
  • Czech
  • Portugal
  • English
  • Russian
  • German
  • Norwegian

There are several other languages available. The site is prepared very modern, everything is shining and everything is looking at. At the beginning it can be difficult to find the right information because in the casino there is a lot going on, but just a few minutes to tame to everyone. It is worth knowing that Casombie works in a mobile version, so if you feel like this, use it, just enter it from your browser and even start from creating an account.

We have not yet mentioned the owner of this casino, and it is worth, because it is Araxio Development N.V., that is one of the most famous among producers. On his account he has a dozen casino, and many of them can be known on our site, reading their reviews. Many of them have interesting motifs that make the use of casinos a pleasure. Safety in all casinos of this manufacturer is provided with the help of the Curacao government. This He issued a license also Casombie.

A valid license is the first information that the player should check for a given casino. In case of Casombie, we can safely say that the license is valid and comes from a well-known source. It is very important because only in this way can be confirmed that the casino data is safe. However, this is not everything. Thanks to the license, we also know that games on the site are also licensed, otherwise producers would not make their products on the site. Another important information is that the player does not have to worry about the safety of his data because they are properly secured and no one has access to them.

If it was otherwise, the license would not be granted this site. You always have a place to get to know if something you want will come. Curacao also ensures that players can easily control their game and offer help to addicts. When you decide to register, select the button at the top top. Enter all information and confirm your identity. It will take you a few minutes. It is also recommended to send relevant documents immediately, although this is not required. It is worth knowing, however, that thanks to this you will not have problems when paying your first cash.

Casombie casino bonuses

It is no longer a secret that online casino is often evaluated in terms of their bonuses. This is completely understandable because players expect from websites of this type of fun opportunities and interesting additions. Casino Casino Promotions are interesting and players can count on really exciting moments.

At the beginning, let's see how the matter looks with a bonus on the start, because it will be the first promotion with which you will have . We already like the fact that the player has the right to choose. This is not normal in many casinos, but you will be able to choose your bonus to start in this. We really like this concept because the bonuses are presented in the form of people who were simply converted into zombies. You have to choose from:

  • This bonus means that your deposit is increased by as much as 200%. Minimum in this case, you can pay AUD 80, and the maximum is AUD 200.
  • Metalhead offers you a 15% return on live games, so if you are a fan of this type of position, necessarily choose Metalheada. The minimum capacity of Cashback is AUD 20, and the maximum is AUD 1,000. To pick up this bonus, you must deposit a deposit with a minimum value of AUD 150.
  • Nurse makes if you pay at least AUD 80, then your deposit will be increased by 100%. A maximum of AUD 2,000. For this, each player will receive 100 free spins that will be released for 10 days to his account.
  • This bonus will enlarge the first three deposits, and it will be 100% to AUD 2,000 75% to AUD 1,400 and 50% to AUD 1,000. These are maximum sums, and the minimum for everyone is one and is AUD 80.
  • If you pay at least AUD 200 as part of the first deposit, then you can choose 10% Cashback on all games. Its minimum sum is AUD 20, and a maximum of AUD 800. The refund works only for the first deposit.
  • Chef adds you free spins. You can minimally paid 80 zlotys and you will get 20 spins. If you deposit the maximum sum, i.e. AUD 2,000, then your prize will be 500 free spins. You can also choose any sum between, spins will correspond to the payment paid in euros. For example, 126 euros will be 126 spins on your account.
  • Surfer is a magnifying bonus with a deposit of 50% up to AUD 4,000. A minimum sum of this promotion must be AUD 80.

Such an extensive start-up bonus is really rarely found, so it's worth using it. You can not know, but apart from this promotion, players can also count on add-ons in exchange for a loyal game. For example, it pays to pay its deposits on weekends. All you have to do is pay 40 AUD and 50% of the deposit will be yours. The maximum sum to zoom is AUD 2,500. This is not the end, because you will get 50 free spins to this. Remember, however, that to get them, you must pay at least AUD 200.

Putting the first deposit, you can get quite high refunds. As a loyal player, you will have them every day. We will still mention Cashback on a regular game that depends on the status of the game. A separate refund should be played for live games, and it is 10% for all and maximally can be AUD 600. It is minimally 20 AUD and it is paid every week. It is worth getting acquainted with a special pattern on the basis of which the refund is calculated. In addition, players can take advantage of many tournaments, events, an interesting feature of achievement and not only. It is worth to discover all these exciting functions yourself.

In addition to all amenities, players also have access to the loyalty program, otherwise called VIP. Players have access to five levels, and each subsequent offers better conditions than the previous one. They do not have special names, they are simply marked with the appropriate numbers. To get to the next level, you have to spend a sufficiently high pot of money. You get points for money and you can advance thanks to them. The scored points do not like, you can replace them for free spins and cash.

At the first two levels you will not get any additives, but already on the third granted a refund of 5% and the monthly payout limit is increased. On the fourth level, Cashback increases to 10%, and in addition you get a personal account manager. At the last level, the refund is 15% and this is the maximum you can get.

Gambling in Casombie Casino

Games in each casino are a very important element, which is why this type of pages focus on this aspect. It is visible on the example of Casombie, because we find really a lot of items in it, each of which can use. All games are about 2,000 and they are so diverse that they are impossible to get bored in the casino. To this items come from different manufacturers, so we are sure that games will be diverse.

On the site you can see the entire list of suppliers who agreed to share their positions in this casino. Players can filter all items to only select games belonging to a given manufacturer. It is an ideal idea if you already have your favorite among suppliers or just want to make a review of them. In Casombie you have to choose from among others from:

  • waz
  • betsoft
  • Elk
  • Red Rake
  • Playson
  • Habanero
  • Salsa Technology
  • Iron Dog
  • Endorphina
  • Non-pixel
  • Amatic
  • Felix Gaming

We have not placed here a full list of suppliers, check it on the site. There are all over 35, among them you can find very popular producers, as well as those a little less known, which is a good news for the player, because it can try products from really many different products, so there is no place for boredom here.

However, let's start describing games on the site because they are the most important thing at this moment. Casombie is a casino where you do not experience normal categories for games. They are all completely different, so at the beginning you can be a bit surprised, but you get used to them quickly. Very interesting are the first sections that focus on a special motif of this casino, and among them you will find:

  • Immortals
  • Fresh Blood
  • Toxic Games
  • Whispers

In these categories you will find only these video slots games that correspond to the casino theme and are specially connected to a given category. If you like such an atmosphere, immediately guide them to them. The first section that turns out to be more classical is REELS and it collects all slots. The choice is quite disputes, players can use machines considered classic fruit machines, video slots with different motifs are also available, not only those associated with zombies. There are bonuses, additional drums and other benefits from which it is worth using. For beginners, we recommend, for example:

  • Power of Gods: Egypt
  • Dynamite Riches
  • Rise of Merlin
  • Wild Toro
  • Release the Kraken
  • Skeleton Mariachi.
  • Black cash

In this case, players have a large selection and can spend a really time to dress up among items. It's worth knowing that you can do it completely free, because all slots are available in the demo version, i.e. free. This option is marked in a very interesting way because it is an eye, and the arrow starting the game is a pupil. As you can see, Casombie thought even about the smallest details.

We can also not forget that Jackpotes are among the slots. They are all placed in a separate section, so if you only want to play the game offering big money, choose one of these options. There are several interesting games to choose from, between them you will find Sister of Oz Jackpots, Deep Blue and Faerie Spells. If you're a fan of slots, but you have specific wishes, you've come well because on the games page you will see a section with collections that allow you to choose the game, based on the motive you like. You have to choose, among others:

  • Fruits
  • Zombie
  • Dangerous
  • Classic
  • Hysteria
  • Nature
  • Oriental
  • Brutal
  • Rotation

As you see, in this case not only the theme is a theme, but also about the different functions in which the game is equipped. Choose your favorite position based on what you like. Let's go back to the main categories, because among them we have a few more about which it is worth to say a few more words. We are particularly talking about card games because they can also be found in Casombie. For example, Roulette was marked in the section under the name Wheels.

Players are again quite a lot to choose from, so it's worth using it. The next one is Blackjack and a video book, which also has its own section. In each of these categories there are at least a dozen games so that players always have a choice. You can also view all games to compare them, and this is possible in the last section that is called All Games, or simply all games.

Slots Roulette blackjack
It’s a Joker Roulette x2 Super 7 Blackjack
The Curse of the Werewolf Roulette Crystal Classic Blackjack Gold
40 Pixels European Roulette VIP High Limit European Blackjack
Noble Sky Roller Blackjack Surrender

If you especially care about tournaments, you will feel at home in Casombie. On the site quite a lot, there is a store and achievements, as well as regularly emerging tournaments.

Live games in Casombie

At the beginning you can have a problem with finding live games in Casombie casino because you will not find them under this name. This is probably the only casino in which games of this type are simply undead casino, which actually makes sense because they are undead, or live. What is interesting and we really like it is the fact that the casino decided to "decorate" some of the icons of individual games, adding elements related to zombies. These are, for example, open brains on the heads of croupiers, violet hair, bats, czachach and others.

We must admit that such decorations add casinos and a lot of charm. As for the collection of undead games, most of them come from Evolution Gaming and Pragmatic Play, which actually means that we hit very well. These two producers are known for its high quality live games. You will be able to take advantage of the best games type:

  • blackjack
  • Roulette
  • bakarat
  • Deal or No Deal
  • Side Bet City
  • Crazy Time
  • Dragon Tiger
  • Poker
  • Money Wheel
  • Monopoly

Casombie casino payment methods

Information on payments in Casombie is presented in a fairly transparent way, but we do not like that the casino did not devote a separate page on this subject. In this way, it is even transparent, but this time fans must settle for the remains of information in various places. However, we must remind you that players from Australia can not complain, because in the case of available currencies, gold are one of those from which you can use freely. Deposit and pay the currency from which you use every day, and it will be particularly easy for you. In addition, you can also operate:

  • euro
  • Norwegian crowns
  • Hungarian forints
  • Russian rubles
  • Canadian and New Zealand dollars

Big Plus Casombie gets that apart from ordinary currencies, there is also the possibility of payment with the help of a cryptowalut. These are among others:

  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Ripple
  • Bitcoin

It also pleases that players can use PaySafe Card, so deposits and withdrawals to the casino account will really be carried out intuitively. Besides, we still have Neteller, Skrill, MasterCard, Trustly, Postepay and Bank Transfer. In most cases, the shipment of won to the personal account of the casino should not take more than 24 hours. Of course, the cards and bank transfers are exception, these can take up to a few days.

An important aspect for each player are limits. It is known that after winning you will not be able to pay everything right away, and this sum depends on what level in the VIP Club you are. From the beginning you have the right to pay a maximum of AUD 43,000 a month. After switching to the third level, this sum is increased to AUD 50,000. From the fourth level, players every month can withdraw AUD 60,000, and at the latest level you can easily remove AUD 85,000 from the casino. You will minimally pay and pay 40 AUD.

Customer service in Casombie Casino

A good casino domain is that you can him easily. When money comes to the game, users should have the ability to quickly and smooth information flow to know what is happening to them. Casombie is one of those casinos that took over this issue because the prepared a special separate page. There you will find out how to ask questions and where to report.

The first information we get is to get acquainted with the FAQ because it conceals basic information about the casino. You will learn from it quite a lot, so first guide there. However, when you do not find your information, you have a few options. One of them is live chat. It is available 24 hours a day, and on the other side there is a real person, so use the fact that you can ask trained specialists.

Another way to the casino is writing to Email employees. All you need to do is describe your problem and send it to [email protected]You will get an answer within 45 minutes. This is not a practice in many online casinos, but in Casombie you can call the casino directly. About 10 seconds are usually waiting for combination. You can choose an international number or this one designed only for Australian players, which is another facilitation. Remember, however, to call only from 10 am to 8 in the evening on business days.

Summary and our Casino Casino assessment

Casombie is a really unusual party that can boast a unique atmosphere. Many online casinos have interesting motifs, but in case of Casombie it happened really far away. Everything is associated with the world of zombie and was taken care of every detail. However, the aspect of the casino itself was also neglected, ensured that players could easily employees and to make payments are not troublesome. To this players have access to hundreds of games of various types and from different manufacturers. Use the casino and see why it is worth it.

  • Gambling: 4.5 / 5
  • Casino bonuses: 5/5
  • Payment methods: 5/5
  • Customer service: 5/5
  • Sum: 4.8 / 5
CASOMBIA 200% to AUD 200
  • Different start-up bonuses
  • A favorable VIP program
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