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Just For the Win

By magdalena
5 July, 2022
There are currently many new new gambling manufacturers on the market. A daring success of his older brothers, they try their strength on the market themselves. It is not easy because the competition is quite large, but there are many companies that are successful and one of them is just for the wines. This is a completely new producer that appeared on the market a few years ago. It was not without a reason to break through to a wider audience. He has in himself, and actually his games have something special, which attracts players. Below you will learn more about this manufacturer and about its games. We invite you to read.

Just for the Win is a company that was established at the end of 2016 and the first game could boast in May 2017. It was a Goldwyn's Fairies slot, which today is very popular among players. As you can see, just for the wines do not have too long history on the gambling market, and yet players and other manufacturers trust this supplier and use his games, which is why it maintains on a stable position.

One of the reasons why JUST for the wine has become quite quickly popular, it is support from the popular Microgaming manufacturer. Both suppliers have signed a contract in which Microgaming agrees to sharing their games platforms for Just for Win. This is very helpful because this platform is currently used by hundreds of casinos. As a result, Slots from Just For The Win appeared in many casinos, and this, of course, aroused curiosity in players.

However, this would not be honest from our site if we thought that the combination of his strength from Microgaming was the exclusive reason why Just for the wines managed to break into the general market. This is actually the merit of Just for the Win itself, because it was he who prepared a very refined slots that many players say. All slots are ideally made and meet the requirements of modern players who require more and more.

The main manager of Just For The Win is Tiger Holmgren. He is a very interesting figure. He has always been passionate about gambling, and he started his career as a dealer in Blackjack. He absorbed knowledge about the gambling world all the time, he is also a poker expert. Finally, he decided to set up a company that is called Just for the Win. Other employees of this manufacturer are not at all smaller enthusiasts of gambling. All their combines very much took on the gambling relationship, which can be seen on the basis of their games. At the moment there are around 20. Just For The Win has its headquarters in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

It does not really happen that such a young producer breaks up against others and is included in well-known online casinos. That's how the fate of Just for the Win rolled out and after observing this provider we see that he does not intend to jump out of his wave of success. We are very interesting new machines from this company, because so far we have not been disappointed.

Overall games Just for the wines

Just for the Win is a producer mainly slots. At this moment you will not find this provider of classic games or live games vending machines, not Jackpot. For this, just for the wines can boast a group of carefully made slots, which other players can only envy. We like the fact that Just For The Win is not limited only in one recital or theme. It seems to the market completely different machines that are not connected to each other in any way.

Once in the collection you will find a game about fairies, then about ancient Egypt. There are no rules here, which is a , because Just for the win can easily surprise your players. What is characterized by all slots from this supplier, it is an amazing accuracy of their production. You can see that everything is fastened to the last button not only in terms of the mechanism, but also in terms of graphic design. It is really well made, you can see that real specialists dealt with her. Sometimes there is an impression that they are not gambling, but computer games.

During this short period, Just For The Win has developed a certain style, after which you can easily recognize its slots. This is first to refine any aspect of the slot and not omitting anything important. It is also a specific style of graphics that can seem a bit fairytale, but also a serious. Unfortunately, due to the fact that the company is not too big, you can not expect regular and new games from Just for the Win. Fans must wait for them, although this is a good signal. We are of the opinion that it is better to wait for a really good game than to settle for a mediocre slot that will not be noticeable among other machines.

Specific gambling machines from Just for the Win

Just for the wines already have several very good machines, which is worth mentioning. We talked about the first game from this supplier, which is Goldwyn’s Fairies. It is a slot embedded in the world of fairies, where everything can be conjured with the use of magic. It also turns out that you can also conjure up quite a lot of winning, because this machine is known for the distribution of a lot of high sums.

The game that is definitely worth trying out Temple of Tut. Move to ancient Egypt, in which you can meet powerful rulers, and by the way you will win high winnings that are made available by interesting bonuses. Without a doubt, we can recommend one of the more well-known games from Just For The Win, and it is her Deco Diamonds Deluxe. This is a slot with a more peaceful motive in which you may not meet the fairies or rulers of Egypt, but you can count on equally high prizes.

One of the latest games from Just for the Win on the market is Aurora Beast Hunter. This game is embedded in a dark world where you will meet various monsters, as well as an unusual grid. Just for the wines is also known for not like to stick to rigidly imposed rules. So you will not meet a lot of classic items, because the manufacturer will experiment with different options. We like this disposition, because many times you could see a lot of good times. Thanks to this, we have, for example, on the Megaways market.

In addition to these games, you can not forget about Rainbrew, i.e. a slot, which is often considered a symbol of Just for the Win. It is an exciting game that combines the theme of an Irish kettle with gold and serious winnings and a beautiful graphic design. If you want more, we also recommend Lucky Links, Anderthals, Wonder Woods, Rising Royals i Reel Talent. Expect a slot that has a moment to appear on the market, and it is him Immortal Glory.

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creation date 2016
Number of games 10+