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all ways joker

By magdalena
10 November, 2019
Fans of classic slots will certainly be satisfied with All Ways Joker. This is not a complicated game with a simple interface, thanks to which even a beginner player can quickly find out what to do. Classic games are usually deprived of interesting bonuses, but it is otherwise in the case of all ways joker. As a result, the machine is attractive not only for beginners, but also for experienced players.
  • Many ways to win
  • Interesting bonuses
  • Simple service
  • Niemodnic graphics

Introduction to All Ways Joker

Amatic Industries is a company that focuses on creating both simple and interesting games. All Ways Joker belongs to Amatic, so you can expect that a long session of spins awaits you. This is one of the newer vending machines of this group, which can be seen on the basis of game mechanics and graphic robes. All Ways Joker is located in the All ways group, which means that Dana has a game of more wins wins than a classic slot machine. As a result, the winning clusters appear very often, which motivates to continue the game.

The ALL Ways Joker theme has been taken from the classics, this means that most symbols that can be found on the screen are fruits. However, the game system has been properly modernized, so you do not have to be afraid that the machine will be exactly like a few dozen years ago. All Ways Joker, however, has its own style, well-chosen sounds that make the game and guarantees the possibility of getting quite high sums.

The advantage of the slot is that it has been adapted to mobile devices appropriately, so you do not have to run your computer to play, just an ordinary cell. The machine is equipped with 5 drums, and its grid shows a 5 x 3. A minimum rate that you can put this 1, in turn the largest currency chosen by you. If you choose a maximum rate and on the occasion you come across a cluster with the best valued symbol, you have a chance to win 150,000 coins.

Symbole w All Ways Joker

Most symbols in All Ways Joker are closely related to their motif, i.e. with fruits. There are also several symbols that appeared in the first machines, as well as the title Joker and surprises that bring very interesting benefits. At first, we would like to encourage

Reading game rules that are in the upper button marked with a question mark. Beginners thanks to him can dispel all their doubts and know what they are waiting exactly.

Symbols in the game have been divided into groups due to the winning they offer. So, assuming that the player uses the rate 1, he can win:

Cherries - 3 Symbols of this type allow you to win the equivalent of the rate, i.e. 1. On the other hand, 4 symbols will allow you to win 2 coins, 5 cherries will give 5 coins.
Plums, oranges and lemons guarantee a little bigger wins, and these are 2 coins for 3 symbols of this type, coins for 5 symbols from this group.
The bell and horseshoe will give you a win of 3 coins for 3 symbols and 10 coins for 5 symbols.

Grape is certainly a symbol that is worth to draw. Already 3 grapes guarantee 5 coins, and 5 symbols are winning 20 coins.
Watermelon is the most valuable fruit throughout the group. You can count on 100 coins for 5 watermelons. In turn, for 4, the automatic symbols will pay 25 coins, and for 3 - 7.

There are still a few symbols that you have to say. A symbol that is worth hunting is Joker Sam. His face is presented and is worth 500 coins for 5 symbols on the screen. For 4 automaton gives 50 coins, in turn for 3 winners is 10.

Facility for players is that after winning the winning cluster, the symbols taking part in it are illuminated, so you can see what the player gets coins. Additionally, the symbols that won and how much they are worth it.

All Way Joker functions

All Ways Joker has several functions that make the game not limited only to watching the vulnering symbols. Removing them is associated with high winnings and bonuses.


We did not say one symbol that is very important in the ALL WAYS Joker machine. This is a multiplier symbol that has a x2 character. If you have it happiness and you have obtained the winning cluster, and besides, in the same spin you also lays a multiplier symbol, then your current win is doubled.

Bonus Spins

The symbol also appears on the screen with the shape of a characteristic Joker cap with a large bonus lettering. This symbol, in addition to guaranteeing a prize in the form of coins, also rewards free spins. Just draw 3 symbols of this type, and you get 10 spins for free. In the case of 4 symbols, free spins will be 15, in turn 5 hats are 25 spins.

It is interesting that during the free spins session you can draw a set of hats again, and then the newly winning free spins go to the pot. As a result, if you are lucky, you can count even 100 free spins.

Podsumowanie All Ways Joker

All Ways Joker is a game for both experienced and beginners. It is thanks to her that you can feel the distinctive climate of classic slot machines that AMATIC managed to play not only in this game. This is not the only reason why you should try this one-armed bandit. It is worth knowing that the machine is technically refined, it has quite interesting bonuses, and besides almost 250 winning lines, which makes it very often. We encourage you to check the Demo All Ways Joker version, and if it pleases, it can always be changed to a real money version. However, it is worth referen to all its rules before.

release date January 2018
Return to Player (RTP) -
Volatility level -
Software supplier Amatic
Game Fruit, Joker
Gravity 5
Winning lines 243
Number of drums 5
The minimum number of coins per line 1
Minimum / maximum bet rate (€, $, £): 1/300
Jackpot Lack
Maximum win in the basic game 150 000 monet
Maximum win (coins) 150 000
Bonus functions Multiplier, Spins Bonus
Supported platforms iOS, Windows, Android