Win free spins or prize from the pool 8519 zlotys in Betchan

By magdalena
November 22, 2019
Betchan is a casino well known for very interesting promotions and bonuses. Tournaments on the site appear very often, what a satisfactory of people who do not like to use the classic online casino function. If you have not yet registered in Betchan, this is the best time to create your account. On the site you will find not only an interesting welcome bonus, which includes several deposits, but also you get the opportunity to participate in amazing tournaments.

While in some cases, the tournaments appear every month, sometimes every week, in Betchan the situation looks a little different. For some time, the casino has been organizing a tournament SprintWhich renews every two days. By full two days You can compete with other users of a casino on virtually all slots available on the site, and players should know that there are really no.

You can choose from hundreds of gamesWhich means you can get additional prizes for playing your favorite games for games. Betchan does not impose slots, as often happens for some tournaments in other casinos. Allows the players to choose yourself. In this way, you can use the best one-armed bandits, spend a very nice time with them, and at the same time win additional prizes. This is one of the most flexible tournaments in online casinos.

Spring tournament rules

Spring rules are not complicated for any extent. The competition is renewed after each two days. It is worth starting the game as soon as possible to have a lot of time to get as many points as possible. So we recommend to sign up today because the tournament has just started. However, if the opportunity will overcome you, it's better to wait for the next opening of the competition, it always starts at 00.00. Each week, the tournament begins on a different day, this time you can sign up in EC Tuesday, on Thursday and on Saturday.

For each 1 € you get 1 point. So everything depends on how much in two days you will be able to put money. Based on the last results, you need about 30,000 points to be in the forefront. However, we have a good news, not only the first places won. All you need to do is get around 4,000 points to find yourself among the winners. The winning places are 60, so there is a big chance that you will be one of them.

What can you win in the Spring tournament?

It has until the hand of the casino AUD 8519 and 2019 free spins. With every place, the prize is less and less, but at the same time it is not very small. Last, 60. The winner receives 40 free spins to use on the Butterfly StaXX slot. If it turns out that this machine is unavailable, then the prize goes to the Book of Aztec slot.

For victory, it is worth trying because the first places offer quite high prizes. You can get in order from the first one, 359 €, 220 € and 160 €. Then the sum decreases at 10 or by 5 €, and a player who will win the 31st place, gets as a reward 100 spins. The number of spins with each place decreases, the smallest value is 40. It is worth remembering that only machines are counted in the game, no table games. We wish you good luck and big winnings!