We celebrate Halloween in Casinomy Casino

By magdalena
1 November, 2022
The end of October and the beginning of November is a fairly unusual time when people are coming back to the dead, in various forms. In many places in the world they are simply scary characters, ghosts, zmory, zombie and other dark. Halloween festival is popular not only in the United States, but also slowly begins to be loudly in Australia. Online casinos do not forget about such a holiday and on his occasion many of them prepares something special for their players. This time, Casinomy surprised us, which decided to create a tournament only in Halloween. It is worth interested in this topic because the event itself is extremely interesting. Below you will find some important information about it, so we invite you to familiarize yourself with them.

Trick or Treat Draw in online casino Casinomy

Certainly most people know a very popular proverb used while handling this holiday, which sounds "candy or psikus", or English "Trick or Treat". In this way, the casino owners decided to call this new tournament. It must be admitted that it is a quite creative idea, and this will call it well in the nature of this event. If you want to feel the magic of this holiday, necessarily decide to participate in this competition.

Principles game on Trick or Treat Draw in online casino Casinomy

It has been available for several days, but do not worry, it does not end with the end of the holiday. You will play until November 2, 2022So you have some time to get the right points to win. In principle, this rules are really uncomplicated and you do not have to even have a lot of experience in using the casinos to enjoy this event and even win something interesting. It is worthping, however, especially, because the casino casino offers a pot amounting to up to 50,000 eurosAnd that means that these are not flights, we play with a great sum.

Player's task is to participate in the slots selected by casino. They belong only to Spinomenal, because this tournament is organized with this supplier. Games involved in this event are: Origins of Lilith, SpinOween, 4 Horsemen, Hallow Reels i 4 Horsemen II. Slots to choose from do not have much, because they must belong to Spinomenal, and they must also associate the general climate, or Halloween. If you still do not know this game manufacturer, it is worth taking part in this game to get to know them a little better.

You do not have to collect points and race with other players. Your task is simply putting on the bet game. If you take a minimum total of 5 euros (in one game or in a few, once or in a few spins), you will get 1 ticket for the lottery. How many times can you spend 5 euros, you'll have tickets. Of course It is worth gathering as much as possible because their large number increases your chances for a greater win. Remember, however, that before you start placing betting, subscribe to this promotion, otherwise you will spend money for nothing.

What win Waiting players in the TRICK OR TREAT tournament in online casino casino

You already know that in casino casinomy for the hand is up to 50,000 euros. So you can expect that individual prizes will be really high. You are not mistaken on this matter because The person will receive up to 8,000 euros first. The player with a value of EUR 5,000 will be awarded in second place. Another person will get a thousand less, or exactly 4,000 euros for the third place. Even for the fourth place, 2,000 euros is planned and for the fifth of EUR 1,000. Recent people, i.e. from 101 to as many as 250 prize is 80 euros, which is also not the worst result.