Unibet gives presents gifts to his players

By magdalena
December 24, 2019
Many casinos decide to prepare special offers for their players for Christmas. Unibet is one of the most popular online casinos in the world, so you can expect that he also has something for players in his store.

Everyone who thought so much is right because Unibet promotions in December are extremely expanded. If you are a Unibet player, and you have not heard about these promotions yet, we advise you to try them, and this is the last bell. For people not registered in the casino, this is the right time to register because there are very large gifts on everyone.
What Unibet prepared for Christmas for his players?
Unibet is known for its generosity, no one is surprised so that he prepared more than one promotion. Below we would like to describe all of them so that you can choose which one of them speaks to you.

• 31 days holidays

This is a promotion that has been prepared especially for poker fans. The casino has prepared special poker missions that appear every day in the Promotions section. If you manage to do it, you can count on very interesting prizes. A lot depends on how many missions you can complete. It is about to play because for people who have completed at least 5 missions. A prize is a prize in the form of a Free Roll ticket on a tournament worth 1500 euros. The more completed missions, the more prizes wait for players.

• Santa’s Challenge

Santa's Challenge is another tournament for poker devotees, as you can see the fans of this game can count on a very much casino. This time you play poker and throw snowballs in Nicholas. It sounds quite straight, but in fact getting a prize can absorb some time. If Nicholas failed to defend the prizes, and you throw in it with snow, it's yours. Awards can be free roll tickets, as well as special chips, thanks to which you can win even more. It is interesting that players can get quite free tokens every day.

• Unibet Advent Calendar

Many casinos have prepared a calendar in which a small gift can be won every day. In case of Unibet casino Gifts are free tickets for paid tournaments, you can also win free spins and extra cash, every day the prize is different, so you can hunt for the best. Using this promotion is easy when you enter her on her page, you see exactly 24 green stars.
Players unfortunately do not have a choice, one of them is opened every day. In turn, the rest of the stars are unlocked, and you discover further gifts. It is worth adding that the whole looks very representative and immediately brings to mind Christmas. Asterisk or a snowflake, which is an active thing, shines on white, so you can notice it right away.

Other Deals of the Unibet casino

In the Unibet casino in December, very interesting things happen. There are many tournaments available, and the most popular of them is December in the casino. This tournament is ideal for live casino devotees because it is guided for them. The casino guarantees a winning AUD 100,000, or so prepared for very high winnings and visit the casino every day to see what promotion there is hide. We also advise you to hurry because December promotions will disappear in a few days.