Unibet distributes prizes in endless tournaments

By magdalena
November 12, 2019
unibet casino is known for being interesting bonuses and promotions often. bonuses are covered by not only Casino games, but also live, poker, bingo and bookmakers. unibet can always count on an interesting promotion, which is why the casino still gains new players.

Unibet often organizes tournaments in which it is usually free and the prizes are very high. From the beginning of November, the casino encourages players to take part in interesting tournaments, thanks to which you can get extra cash.

  • From today, from 11.11.2019 from 00:00 CET, the second series of tournaments called Casino Riches starts, this time it is part 2. The prize pool is AUD 125,000, so it is worth trying your hand.

The principles of this part of the tournament are very simple. The casino appointed several machines that take part in the promotion. Games is a total of 697, so the tournament is designed for properly every player and a fan of slots. Just choose one slot, and then put at least 0.50 AUD for a single spin. Then you need to pull on Wajcha once. Before determining the rate, you must necessarily remember to mark the option that it really takes part in the tournament, otherwise the spins made will not be taken into account.

There are 50 places to win, which means that the prize will receive up to 50 players. Getting to the top is not difficult because the player wins the highest turnover, there is no limit for how many spins can be cured, only the final result counts. It is worth to compete because it is what to fight. The first place of the casino grants AUD 50,000. For the second win is half, or 25,000 zlotys. Even if you are the last on the podium, you still need 15,000 zlotys.

Up to 10 places can still be won than a thousand zlotys, and exactly AUD 1250. From 11 to 40 places, each player will get 500 zlotys. The last ten may count on an additional 250 AUD. Awards, as you can see, are quite generous, so it's worth to subscribe and be one of the winners on the occasion.

The players very much like that almost 700 slots take part in the tournament. Typically, in ordinary tournaments, the number is very laid and limited to about 5 one-armed bandits, but in this case you can play all 697 slots. Among them are very famous machines, and these are, for example, Troll Hunters II, Starburst, The Great Chicken Escape, and Dark Matter and many more. Fans of each theme can choose something for themselves.

The tournament does not last forever, it will end exactly in 5 days, on Sunday, 17.11.2019 at 23:59 CET. It's worth to sign up to the tournament right away and bring yourself more points to find yourself among 50 winners, preferably in the forefront. However, if you fail to save or win, you still have a chance in the tournament, which will start directly after Casino Riches Part 2. It is worth noting that this is not everything Unibet has to say about the tournaments, throughout November you can take They share and win amazing prizes.