Betsafe tournament with a pool of over AUD 400,000

By magdalena
17 April, 2022
Betsafe is a casino that quite often appears on our website. He always manages to surprise him and satisfy players with what he offers. We do not talk only about many interesting games, events, as well as to ensure security, but also about amazing tournaments that are very often organized. And this time you can be surprised because Betsafe has something special for his players. You are not a player yet? We advise you to quickly register, because only then will you have the opportunity to take part in a very interesting event.

Betsafe has 400,000 zlotys

In the latest Betsafe tournament, he announced that he has 100,000 euro to give, that is, it will be over AUD 400,000. This is a very large cash on which the casino will rarely decide. This can only be seen in relation to gimaldic giants, which Betsafe is undoubtedly. This tournament started on April 6, 2022, but do not worry, this is not a tournament in which you will have to collect points to win anything. Regardless of where you start, you still have the chance for the greatest prize. This competition will last until the last day of this month, i.e. April 30, 2022So you have a lot of chances to get your win.

Basic principles of the new Betsafe tournament

The new Betsafe tournament is that you just played in the slots registered by the casino, you do not even have to write to it, it is completely unnecessary in this case. It does not matter how much you win on them, you do not have to collect any points. There are also no eligible spins, which is a big advantage because you will not lose your money to waste. This tournament also does not count the biggest win.

So you can wonder what this competition has this competition? The most important thing is that you choose slots on the casino list. Then you need to select a bet with at least 0.40 euros. And this is actually everything. In this tournament, the win is completely random and is granted for a given spin. So it can happen that the first Spin we do in this tournament will turn out to be happy. This tournament focuses mainly on happiness, which is an interesting aspect. So you can relax from a mad fight for points and leather boards in which participants are overwhelmed between themselves. For this you can play so many spins as much as you want, it may turn out that in a given session, happiness will be foster and win.

What can you win in the new Betsafe tournament?

Happy Spin every day is worth it EUR 4,000, or about 12,000 zł . All you have to do is draw it, and you will be richer for such an amount. It is interesting that you can win several times to this, so do not waste too much time and try your hand. For this you can also count on random 25 euros, which will be awarded to 160 players every day.

What games are involved in the tournament

Slots that matter to this promotion are: Krazy Kong, Ring the Bells Deluxe, Random Winners, Random Steppa, Random Joker Jackpots, Piggy Bank, Super Life Changer, Mr. Toad, Mega Hot Wild, Mega 40, Jazz of New Orleans, Hot Drop, Super Triple 7s, Golden Joker Wild, Gem Drop Deluxe, Diamond Joker, Spin & Win, Cowboy Treasure Deluxe i Club Reno Wild. A completely new slot also joins this, and this is Joker Megaways. This is another classical game that has been interestingly modernized, it's worth checking it not only as part of this tournament.