"Horrible" promotions in Omni Slots

By magdalena
October 18, 2022
The feast of all Saints approaches big steps, or exactly the same as popular Halloween abroad. For this reason, many online casinos organize interesting events related to this holiday. This is quite popular practice and the best casino always follow what is happening in the world and based on this, they lay new tournaments. One of such casinos is Omni Slots, which is always very active in a gambling world. It prepared quite a lot of interesting offers for each player, so if this weekend you have a moment of time, necessarily look at the Omni Slots page and use the best deals on the Internet.

Octo Momentum w Omni Slots

The latest online casino tournament Omni Slots eight Kinetic It is quite mysterious and does not give us tips on what he is. The answer to all questions about this tournament can be found in the word "octo", which comes from Latin and means the number of eight. It was not without a reason that this word was chosen, in this case it was used to give information on the number of days in which this tournament will last, and there are their eight. This event is available for players from October 15, 2022 to October 22, 2022.

How to take part in the Okto Momentum tournament in the online casino Omni Slots

Next, however, is not connected only with the number of days, which you will learn later in the article. To take part in this tournament, just save, you do not have to do anything more. Of course, then a very important task awaits you, which you must fill in to get the highest prize. This task is to acquire the greatest turn of winning in relation to the plant. Therefore, it happens that one spin to win really high winnings.

The advantage of the tournament is that you do not need to worry about any limits, and that's because they are gone. You can play every game that is in the casino, it must only be a slot, otherwise a fruit machine. Go to this section and choose any game, they can be your favorite slots in which you would play at this time, so you will not lose anything. Try until you appear on the list of leaders, then you will have a place and win. You do not have to collect any points, one spin can change your fate in the casino.

Possible winnings in the Octo Momentum tournament

We return to the translation, why the title is the name "Octo". The winners can only be eight, which corresponds to the number contained in the name of this tournament. Also on the winnings, because they have a lot to do with the number eight. The person in the first place will be from the casino 88 euros and 88 spins. Another person on the list will get exactly 78 euros and 78 free spins. The third person on the list is awarded 68 euros and the same will get spins.

Next winnings are all minimized at 10 (certainly at this moment you have noticed a certain pattern, on which these prizes are distributed), until we reach the eighth winner who will get 18 euros and 18 free spins. All spins are distributed on the Wolf's Bane SlotWhich is very well in Halloween atmosphere.

Other terrible possibilities

Octo Momentum is just one of the options for the weekend and longer. On Friday you can additionally use Friday Fright NightIn which you will be able to get as much as 33% on your deposit. You can pay a maximum of 250 euros, so an additional sum can help. In addition, on Sunday you can take part in the event Vamp-tastic Sunday. This promotion is that you deposit at least 20 euros (up to 250 euros) and on Monday You will get 25% of this sum, and additionally 30 free spins on the Netent Entertainment Blood Suckers II slot. It promises to be a very favorable weekend.