Team Gameplay online Betsson Casino

By magdalena
August 16, 2022
Betsson is undoubtedly one of these online casinos who choose Australian players most often. There is nothing strange about it, the presented page for several years gained the trust of his players, especially those in Australia. This is a good choice for new players and experienced players because in this casino there is a lot of games of different types, and you can always take advantage of interesting promotions on this page. So if you are looking for a solid casino, this is undoubtedly the right choice. Regular bonuses are one of the most important advantages of this site, and we would like to describe this latest one that is considered a bit unusual. Read all details with it and decide yourself if it is worth using it. We can already tell you that it is very exciting.

New Betsson Express tournament

In online casinos, this was not yet. betsson He decided to organize a special tournament in which you have the opportunity not only to win a quite high rate, but you can play with your friend. You read well, this tournament is possible as possible. This means that You will no longer have to fight for winning, you will have support and help the person you trust what is quite unprecedented in casino tournaments. This promotion began in the casino on August 3, so some of them ended, but do not worry because the gameplay will be possible until August 31. So you still have a lot of time to get the right number of points. So try to get the biggest winning.

How to take part in the Betsson Express tournament?

The most important principle of the Betsson Express tournament is to find your pair. One person must be a permanent player and the other must necessarily be newly logged in. This means that it is Your task is to invite one of your friends to play And he can not have an active Betsson casino account. When you already find a person you can trust in this case, it must log in in the casino and confirm your data. Then it is necessary to pay a deposit without a specified amount and then a new player must use one of the welcome offers.

When this process will be finalized, go to the site of this promotion, and in the form, enter your e-mail and a friend's email address invited by your friend. Then you need to come up with the right name for your team, it will be visible in the leader table. The rules for collecting points are very easy. During the game, everyone collects points to their account, and then they will be added up to a common account. This works in such a way that If you spend 100 AUD for machine games, you will get 1 point. All over the game vending machines With exclusion of these live. The advantage is that you can use these games that you like and in which you would play in your free time.

You will also get points for betting on individual sports, in this case However, you can count on up to 3 points for every 100 zlotys. This is enough to collect further points. As you know, the more of them, the better for the player, because he has a much greater chance of gaining a high cash prize.

What can you win in the Betsson Express tournament

Three places are planned, or 3 prizes to win in this tournament. A team that will get the first place will receive AUD 4,000So each player can enjoy AUD 2,000. The team will get AUD 3,000 in the second place, which means that for each player it is planned for AUD 1,500. On the other hand, a prize in the form of AUD 2,000 is planned for the team on the podium, i.e. each player will win for AUD 1,000.