Slot Promotion in Bob Casino

By magdalena
May 19, 2022
Bob Casino can be easily recognized, and this is due to the characteristic head of Bob Marley, which is always somewhere nearby. Noteworthy is also an interesting loyalty program, in which extra money can be obtained quite quickly. In addition, in the casino you can take part in different bonuses that diversify the stay in the casino. Below you will learn a little more about the latest Bob Casino tournament, it is possible that you will try to try it.

Safari with Bob

Bonuses at Bob Casino are what you think about. They resemble Bob himself, which is quite amazing. There is no time in the tournament or the exact game that you will use and you will find out why. Safari with Bob This is a completely new tournament, in which unfortunately you will not win a safari trip, but you have a chance to get something, which may be more practical for you: cash and free spins.

At the beginning, we have mentioned that time does not matter in the tournament. This is true because this tournament does not have a rigid time framework. He renews every three days, so it is an ideal option for people who have not been too much of time at the moment, but they would still like to take part in such a tournament.

If you do not want to compete on a given day, you can just wait and try in the next round. It all depends on you, you have any choice, so use it. It also means that if you can not win prizes, not everything lost, you can try in the next round, maybe this time you will add you.

The exact rules of the Safari tournament with Bob

We also said that in the tournament they do not count games you use because all slots really take part in it. Choose your favorite games, and then attitudes a bet whose value is at least 0.1 euros. This tournament works in such a way that all bets will be counted.

Then the converter is 1 point for 1 issued euro. Of course, the more points you have, the more you have the chance to win. All those who were deposited in the casino may take part in the tournament.

Winning in Bob Casino

The prize pool in this tournament is until AUD 22,000 and 5,000 free spins. Every 3 days you are awarded as many as 200 players. Chance that you can find between them is so very large. Only the biggest casino reward until such a large number of players and every 3 days, so you can feel awarded.

First person on the list will be awarded even a thousand euros. The next person will get 700 euroAnd a player with a third result will be able to boast of 500 euros. Then the prizes are gradually decreasing, and from 81 places players are awarded with free spins. At the beginning Bob Casino Deals 100 free spinsLater, this number decreases up to 10 spins that wander to a person for 200th place.

Happy spins will be distributed to Temple of Nudges or on the Golden Owl of Athena. Remember, however, that these winnings are rotated, so you have 14 days to get your prize. For free spins it is x 5, and cash is x 3.

Challenge Free Screwing

In addition to Safari with Bob, you can also take part in Free spunu. The rules of this challenge are very simple. Again, there is no meaning that you choose from slots, just play. Your task is Winning the largest multiplier of your bet.

This challenge is available daily, and 15 people who will get high multipliers will be awarded with free spins. The first person on the list will win until 100 free spins on the Golden Owl of AthenaSo it's worth trying happiness.