Promotion on the end of February from Raspberry Casino

By magdalena
17 February, 2022
About Malina Casino We have already mentioned to mention and even introduce them in the form of a review. We wrote about many tournaments and various bonuses from which all players can use. In support of our thesis, once again I present one of the better bonuses for Poles.

If you are already registered in this casino, you can use the promotion as much as we strongly encourage.

If you are still wondering, maybe this promotion will convince you. At the same time, we indicate that exactly the same promotion is available in other casinos that is supervised by the owner Malina Casino.So if you do not want to, you do not have to create a new account in the next casino.

Tournament 2K of a leap year

The 2k leap tournament is a completely new tournament from Malina Casino, which took part today, i.e. February 17, 2022. This competition wants to commemorate a criminal year who repeats every 4 years, so this year we have reasons to celebrate. Due to this, the tournament will end accurately February 29, 2022so that you can enjoy the additional day of playing games and the acquisition of subsequent prizes

What is the 2k leap tournament

The principles of the tournament are not complicated and do not differ from what most contests of this type looks like. The casino chose several machines in which you should play during the promotion. These are: Larry the Leprechaun, 9 Lions, Power of Gods the Pantheon, Magic Stars i Butterfly Lovers. Most of these slot machines are known to experienced players. If you do not know them yet, participation in the game will help you familiar with them. All of them come from a well-known and liked manufacturer of casino games waz. This is one of the best suppliers in terms of the quality of games, so we are sure that you will not regret this promotion.

When you choose one of these slots and start the game, you put some money. In this tournament, all money set up changes into points, and each point brings you closer to winning. This time the converter looks so that 1 euro to 1 punkt in the table. Leader table 35 placesSo start playing now to be able to place a high place. Remember that only rates for real money counts, and if you play a demo, it will not be considered a game in the tournament.

What can you win in the 2k leap tournament?

The 2k leap tournament guarantees its players quite a large pot of money that has a value 1 500 euro. If you manage to jump on the first place and break all other participants, you will get all 500 euro. Taking second place, you will get 300 euro. If you leave yourself in the 3rd place, your win will be 150 euro. A person occupying the 4th place will be able to praise an additional 100 euro.

Then prizes are reduced, but they can also delete. For occupation from 5 to 15, each player will receive 50 euros. In turn, the prize from the 16th place to the 25th place is 25 euros. All the rest, i.e. people occupying from 26th place to 35th place will get 10 euros. The casino has 72 hours to pay these prizes, so you can be sure that you will get cash within three days. Play chosen by casino machines, earn points and win, wish you good luck!