Omni Slots decides to spoil your players at the beginning of February

By magdalena
February 4, 2022
If you are a registered user of Omni Slots, you can consider a lucky one. This casino is known for regular promotions and tournaments, and all of them are announced at the beginning of the month. This is a definite advantage because players can trace what they are waiting for them in a given month and decide whether it is worth and whether they want to use one of the promotion

The Omni Slots promotion calendar favors planning, so you do not have to suddenly to see an additional time, because an interesting bonus appeared in the casino. In addition, Omni Slots has good customer service and many other advantages. This time, however, we focus on promotions from the beginning of February.

Omni Winter Games Tournament

The biggest surprise for all players is definitely Omni Winter Games Tournament. It starts with the first day of February 2022 and ends exactly on February 28, 202. Throughout this period you can play slots in Omni Slots, and if you decide to do so, you have the opportunity to win a very interesting prize, and it is her Ski departure for two! Do you have your favorite machines in Omni Slots? Play it as if you did it without a tournament and you already have a chance to win! All fruit slots, video slots and jackpots include. So use this opportunity and win!

Why should you play Omni Winter Games Tournament?

Omni Winter Games Tournament is currently one of the most interesting on the market. He will last until the month, and the casino gives away Weekly and main awards. Every week you can get cash prizes, and they are entitled to five people who can turn as many real money as possible while playing machines. The person first will win 200 euros, will receive 100 euros, on 3,75 euros. In turn, the player in the 4th place gains 50 euros, and the last one, i.e. on 5. Wins 30 euros.

The main reward in the game is Trip to a ski trip to Austria. The stay will last 7 days, and the winner will have a guaranteed stay at the hotel, the casino will pay for both way-trip tickets, as well as the passage from the airport to the hotel. Additionally You can take your accompanying person with you. The exact date of departure will be determined with the win, it is not imposed, which is a very good idea.

Just as in the case of a weekly prize, this person will be the winner that will turn the largest number of real money. The person who turns out to be the winner, on March 2 will receive an email from the casino board to determine the details. The whole prize is worth 3,000 euros, and if you want to meet the trip, you will get 1,000 euros in return. So it is worth aging a spontaneous holiday in Austria.

What if you do not want to take part in the tournament?

If you are not a fan of this type of tournaments and you are interested in rather smaller prizes, you can also get such. This Monday was named by the casino Monday Madness For a reason. If you deposit at least 10 euros on this day, Omni Slots will add 30% of its value to this deposit. You can pay a maximum of 250 euros, so you enjoy extra cash.

Offer for permanent players

If you have been a casino user for some time, then you can use the next promotion. All you have to do is in the previous week you paid for a casino at least 30 euros, and you are already eligible for the bonus. If so, you get quite free 10 spins on the popular Slot Take the Bank. Even better in the case of people who have taken care of participating in the VIP program, because they earn up to 30 Free spins. Spiny should be released until February 9.