Oktoberfest in Cadoola Casino

By magdalena
27 September, 2022
The famous beer festival is fast approaching, but this year he will have to take a different form. You can not survive this time in a traditional way, but the gambling players have a lot of happiness, because Oktoberfest can also spend in casinos online. Tournaments associated with this event were organized by several casinos, and one of them is Cadoola. If you want to feel the magic of this holiday without leaving the house, you will be able to help this casino. Below you will find more information about this event. You will learn exactly what you need to do to take part in the tournament, how to collect points and most importantly, how to win.

Celebrate Oktoberfest X online casino Cadoola

For a few days in the casino Cadoola And all other casinos from the same producer can sign up for the Oktoberfest tournament. This is a very important message for players, because if you want to take part in it, you do not need to do it in Cadoola. See what other online casinos are under the control of the same producer, most of them have the same offer. So if you already have an account in one of those casinos, you do not have to create another one to play Cadoola. Do not waste time, just play and earn extra money.

Details on the Oktoberfest tournament in Cadoola Casino

The end of this tournament is predicted on October 4, 2022So it's worth hurrying. At this time, however, you can pick up enough points to get a good reward. It is worth remembering that only real resources count to the tournament, you can not use bonus funds. In fact, these players can use them, but they simply will not count on the general result of the player.

The advantage of the tournament is that there is no fixed minimum plant. You can choose the smallest one possible. However, it is worth remembering that this You get one point in the leader table for one whole euro plant. So if you choose larger bets, you'll get more points more widely. The games you can earn your points are closely related to the holiday we will be celebrated, i.e. with Oktoberfest.

That's why you can only collect points in: Heidi at the Oktoberfest, Oktoberfest, Spinning Beers, Lucky Oktoberfest i Oktober Spin Fest. Games may seem little, but these are the only positions that are associated with this holiday. In addition, these games are so exciting that you do not need more to be satisfied.

Awards in the Oktoberfest tournament in Cadoola online casino

The first 50 people who collect the largest number of points during this tournament will be awarded with cash prizes. The person will be able to boast of 600 euros in the first place. The winner of the second place will leave 350 euros in your pocket. The last person on the podium will get exactly 250 euros. Even if you take a lower place in the ranking, the win will still be sufficiently high. Even for the last places, a prize of 10 euros is planned, and to take them, you do not have to work.

This is not the end, because After handing out these prizes, all players who took from the first to 200 places will take part in the lottery. It will take place immediately after the end of the tournament, or October 5, 2022. For every euro, the player will get one ticket. The draw provides for 250 euros awards, 3 x after 100 euros, 5 x 50 euros and 20 x after 10 euros. Important information is that the player can only win one award, and if a few tickets belonging to it will be drawn, only the highest value is selected.