New promotions in Omni Slots

By magdalena
17 March, 2022
Omni Slots welcomes a new week in a good style. Some have a tendency to complain about Monday, because after Sunday you have to go back to gray reality. However, you can taste this back to a good promotion in one of the better casinos on the market. We are talking here about Omni Slots, which always has some interesting promotion in a guide, just look for.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the latest promotions in this casino, will surely improve your mood at the beginning of the week, so if you find a little free time, use them.

Free spiny on Viking Voyage

For day March 16, 2022 Omni Slots has prepared a very interesting promotion. He chose one of the most popular game vending machines and decided to give a few free spins. Omni Slots Every week chooses a new slot, which also attaches free spins, their numbers vary depending on what the casino has set. This time the choice fell on Viking Travel. Together with the Vikingi, go on an expedition on the sea where you can win pretty good money and it's free.

Remember that the offer is only valid today, that is on Monday. Tomorrow will be a different bonus, and if you want to try this, then you must submit to him today. If you can get before 00.00, you'll get it 10 Completely free spins on Viking Voyage. An even better offer Omni Slots has prepared for people who belong to the VIP Casino program. These people will get until 30 free spins on your account. You can use Spiny until March 22, 2022. It is important that only people who in the previous week have been picked up a total deposit of 20 euros. If you have not paid it, you can not take advantage of the promotion, this is not a bonus for people who have just registered in the casino.

Further promotions in Omni Slots

Free spins is not the only promotion in this casino. From Sunday, he was good at Omni Slots Bonus called by him 4 Day Bonus Marathon. You no longer pick up the bonus for Sunday, but you can use the remaining 3 days of the marathon, and now we can tell you that it is worth it. Every day another promotion awaits you, and if you use each of them, you will be richer for a fair sum. Here is the plan from which you can use:

  • Monday: Deposit at least 20 euros deposit to your account (the maximum sum to pay is 200 euros), then select 4 Day Marathon on your profile. The sum paid will be increased by 25%.
  • Tuesday: This time you have a chance to pick up as much as 40% bonus. The rules are very similar, all you have to do is get 30 euros, choose the right option in your profile and you will receive the prize. Up to 300 euros can be paid in this way.
  • Wednesday: All you have to do is pay only 10 euros this time, and you already have a chance for an extra bonus. This time you will get 35% from the sum you pay, and the maximum can be 200 euros. Remember to select the right option on your profile.

If you got on this bonus on Sunday, and then you will use it every day with Wednesday, this is another surprise. You will get an additional 100% on your deposit, and besides, 50 free spins await you for an exciting slot take the bank. So you should take part in this game every day, we wish you good luck!