New Lottery in Slottica Casino

By magdalena
3 June, 2022
Do you feel like a new lottery in which you can win real prizes? Take part in this organized by Slottica. You should know this casino well because its reviews on our site for some time. However, if you do not know this site, read it, and we can tell you that it's worth it. It is a fair casino that offers many games with its players, a safe environment to play, as well as a mass of tournaments where you can win not only money, but also tangible items. If this offer sounds interesting to you, do not hesitate longer, just use. It can also be an ideal moment for you to register in a good casino.

Spring style in Slottica casino

From May 24, 2022, you can participate in one of the most interesting lotteries of recent days, i.e. in Spring style. It is a lottery with very simple principles, so even beginners can take part and try their luck. Spring style is not a tournament in which you will have to play various slots and spend your money. There are many fans of the games and the opportunities to compete with each other, but of course not everyone must like it.

So if you suggest you a lottery in which you can simply draw something without any effort, try to take part in a spring style in Slottica. The prize pool is up to 100,000 eurosSo you have something to play. The only thing that Casino requires you to pay a certain sum to your account. Anyone who has subscribed and then paid a given amount, participates in the promotion. It's worth knowing that Spring style has several levels. You can take part in one of them or in all. Below you will describe how much you need to pay and what gifts are waiting for you.

What Slottica offers players in a new lottery

There are 3 levels in the new lottery in the Slottica casino. You can choose which level you are interested in the most or use of all options, the selection belongs to you and your budget. Below are precise information:

  • level. To be able to take part in the lottery on the first level, the player must pay at least 75 euros. Thanks to the payment of such a height, you will be able to fight for Apple iPhone XR, Lautrec cognac, Huawei battery, as well as a free 25 bonus. Each of these gifts is available in 3 copies, so you have a chance to get one.
  • level It involves the fact that players pay at least 700 euros into their account. After making this payment, you can win one of three Apple MacBook laptops, iPad Air, Apple Airpods, as well as one of the fifteen free bonuses in which you can hide a lot of cash.
  • level It has exactly the same rules as the other two. However, the sum of which the player must pay is 3,500 euros. You can use money for games, and the prizes will be free, so remember that you do not lose anything. You can win a beautiful motorcycle, one of the three Apple MacBook, one of the five Philips TVs and one of the ten free bonuses.

For each award, the casino adds several points in the leader table. All prizes are completely free, only on the bonus has been applied in the amount of x 70. When you turn it, it is entirely yours, and we can assure you that it is worth trying for him, because it will certainly be high. We remind you that the pool is up to 100,000 euros, so you can expect high winnings. You have to pay a deposit time for 14 JuneAnd, so you have enough time to register yourself in the casino and use the prize.