A new generous tournament in Casino manii

By magdalena
August 5, 2022
Not without a reason for maneki is one of the more frequently selected casinos on the market. It is equipped with everything that needs a good page of this type. On the one hand, his graphic layout looks very friendly, you can say that it can even be a little bit of childbornly, but let it do not wash you because the casino has iron rules, thanks to which he keeps the entire system in rysak. You can always rely on the casino manie, especially when it comes to tournaments. They are always connected thematically with the site, they are very intriguing and differ from what other casinos propose. Today you will learn about the next tournament on this site, which is worth trying. See what he hides and if you are interested, register in the casino, use the welcome bonus and participate in the tournament.

Golden Dragon Gate Tournament

This is a tournament that started a few days ago, and currently players have 2 days to get a portion of the pool, which is until AUD 20,000 and 3,000 free spins. This tournament has a special meaning because it refers to the Japanese legend. He tells the fish Koi, which he managed to swim under the waterfall, and the prize turned into a dragon. You can also be like a koi fish and climb a waterfall (tournament) for your prizes.

Rules of the Golden Dragon Tournament Gate

In the case of the presented tournament, it is worth noting that the casino goes on hand and allows them to use any game. So you can play your favorite slots, and at the same time you have the opportunity to get additional prizes. The casino does not impose any crude rules. You simply loggle to your account or register, and then sign up for this action. Then until the end of the competition you can play your favorite games and collect points that bring you closer to winning. The only condition of participation is that at least once paid a deposit box and put bets not lower than 1 euros, or 4 zlotys. It's enough to win really a lot of money. On the tournament page you can see the recommended slots, but under no circumstances you have to suggest them. You can, if you do not have your preferences yet and you just want to see what are the best slots. Play like always in your favorite games and see how you leave the leader in the table.

What can you win in the Golden Dragon Tournament?

I must admit that the casino manie is really generous because In this tournament intends to give prizes as many as 250 players. You can rarely meet a page that offers prizes as many people. But strange, hundreds of players look at the casino every day, there are a lot of them, so the prize is also suitable.

It is worth climb to the highest place in the table because you will get AUD 2,800 for them. The second place offers little less, because AUD 2,000. If you get on the third place, an additional AUD 1,600 will appear on your account. The fourth and fifth place can boast of an identical prize, i.e. AUD 1,200. You will receive AUD 1,000 for the sixth place, for seven by 200 AUD less. You can count on 600 AUD for eighth and ninth.

Then the prize value drops. From the place of the hundredth players can get free spins. Depending on the ranking, you will get from 50 to 10 free spins on the iconic game on the name Book of Dead. All these prizes will be paid within a maximum of two days. It is worth remembering that all prizes are covered by rotation, you will have to spend 5 x more than you will get. It is also worth remembering that only real money counts in the tournament. We encourage you to take advantage of other promotions on this site, for example from the Sweet Tournament Tournament betsoft. W Mine You will not be bored, so use this occasion.