A new exciting Omni Slots Casino event

By magdalena
28 June, 2022
Omni Slots appears quite often because it is one of those casinos that like to pamper your players. Almost every day you can take advantage of another event, and all are placed in a handy calendar. As a result, you can plan yourself if you want to take part in the tournament, which will take place in two weeks, when you have time for your passion, which is gambling. This is a very good idea because you can think about your participation in advance. Unfortunately, some casinos do not give such a possibility, so you must take a spontaneous decision. Below you will find out more information about the latest event in Omni Slots. It will give you a lot of emotions, so we encourage you to decide to take part in it.

MegaSpin Weekend

From June 26, 2022 Omni Slots starts a weekend tournament called Megaspin Weekend. This is not a typical tournament, so if you do not like this type of events, you're lucky. You will not have to compete with anyone, you will only have to complete your account. Let the fight to leave other users if you prefer quieter events, Megaspin Weekend is the most for you.

How to take part in the Megaspin Weekend competition?

To participate in the competition, all you have to do is log in to your account and then pay a certain amount of the deposit. At the beginning you need to know that this promotion will last exactly 3 days and also in each of these days you can get a very similar prize. Below we will explain how it will work.

  • The first day of the competition, or June 26

On this day, it's enough that you will send to your account at least 10 euros deposit. You can pay a maximum of 200 euros. When you do this and choose the option "Receive Bonus", 20% of the SUM selected will appear on your accounty.

  • The second day of the competition, or June 27

You can do exactly the same day. Again, you can pay a deposit, and its minimum amount should be 10 euros. You can take a maximum of 200 euros again. This time, however, you will not get 20% from the paid amount, but as much as 30%. So it is also worth taking part in this event on the second day.

  • The third day of the competition, or June 28

This is the last and also most beneficial promotion day. At the beginning, the principle is completely the same. This means that you must pay at least 10 euros deposit and do not exceed 200 euros. This time, however, the sum you deposit will be enlarged as much as 40%. You will get almost half half of the sum for free.

Omni Slots has prepared one more surprise for your players. If you have used the Megaspin Weekend promotion once, N20 Completely free spins will appear and your account will appear on the Birds! In turn, if you decide for two deposits at this time, You will get 30 free spins On exactly the same game. The most advantageous option is a player who pays a deposit of at least 10 euros every day of this promotion. In this case, he gets 50 free spins on the Birds game! All Spiny will appear on June 29, 2022.

Additional Attraction at Omni Slots Casino

On the same day, in which you will get free spins for taking part in the promotion of Megaspin Weekend, you have the opportunity to get even more spins. This is because exactly June 29, 2022 Omni Slots chooses Slots Angels as a machine of the week. This means that Anyone who from June 22 to June 28 paid at least 20 euros together, will get free spins on the aforementioned slot.

As you will participate in the promotion, you will definitely release at least 20 euros, so another free spins will appear on your account automatically. There are 10 of them, and if you belong to the VIP Omni Slots club, you will get them until 30. Remember that you must use them until July 5, 2022.