Cash madness in Unibet

By magdalena
19 July, 2022
Unibet returns to our website again and thanks to very attractive events that the casino prepared for his players. Among them you will find a tournament based on a completely new game, a tournament with the best games, a competition in which you can win thousands of zlotys, as well as many more surprises we will say about. If you are on vacation or you have a moment of time, you can take advantage of these exciting events, Unibet casino does not give your players a rest. Below you will find a detailed description of all these tournaments, you can decide when you want to take part. Nothing will stop you before trying your strength in all of the following events.

Lottery in a large pool to win

From today, from July 17, 2022 Players have a chance to get AUD 498 896 In the latest lottery. Her end is marked on July 25, 2022. It is a lottery, so you do not have to fight anyone. If you prefer this type of event, this is an ideal moment for you. Two very popular games are involved in the lottery, and these are 9 Pots of Gold oraz 9 Masks of Fire. The player's task is to rotate at least AUD 45 in one of these games. If you succeed, you will get one fate for the lottery. Of course, you can gain more, but the limit is AUD 99. So if you spend AUD 90, you will get two fate. The draw will take place on July 27, July 2022. There is a 90,000 AUD 9 x AUD 45,000 to win, 99 x AUD 495 and 99 x AUD 495. Do not forget to subscribe to this promotion, this is a prerequisite for the game. The good news is that there is no turnover for these winnings.

Darmowe spiny w Gems Gone Wild Power Reels

There are several games that in the Unibet casino are treated differently. If you choose them, you can count on additional promotions, this time they are free spins. This time, the Gone Wild Power Reels slot was selected. To take part in this promotion, all you have to do is open this game, you will sign yourself to the promotion and you can play. You will have to go through 10 different levels of the game, in the first of them you will have to spend 100 zlotys. Each level will give you a number of free spins as a reward. Generally you can get up to 370 revolutions for free. This is a very fast event, it starts July 17, 2022, and ends on July 19, 2022So you have to hurry.

Greeting a new tournament game

Together with Unibet, you can celebrate the appearance of a new game called Serpent Shrine. This is an exciting game in which you can expect a lot of winning multipliers. Thanks to them, you can get a pretty good sum, but you will get even more in the tournament organized by Unibet. His pool is AUD 50,000So what to fight for. This tournament began exactly today, or on July 17, 2022 and ends on July 22, 2022So you have a few days to get points and win.

At the beginning you have to sign up for this promotion, then you can go to the game at Serpent Shrine right away. In the game there is a leader table, you can find yourself thanks to a big win. In this case, it is worth knowing that the enlargement of the rate will not help because in the general settlement the win will be divided by the stake. This is a good news for people who usually do not seem too much for rates in games, this is not a requirement.

Unibet prepared as many as 100 wandering places. The first person in the leader table will win all over AUD 15,000. Another person will get 7 500 AUD, the next prize is AUD 3,750. A person in the fourth place will be able to boast a win by AUD 3,000. The prize then decreases until the last 50 people will be awarded 100 zlotys.