Latest Tournaments in Casino Maniki

By magdalena
May 2, 2022
Casino players attracts a particularly unusual theme with Asian theme. It is very original and players appreciate. It is worth knowing, however, that this is not the only advantage of this online casino. It is possible that you did not notice, but in Casino's manii there is practically an event available all the time. This is a site for active players who are not afraid to fight for a fight to defend extra points. We often recommend this site with players who especially want to discern in the types of tournaments, because it is in Casino manii, as soon as it looks. Just in this article we would like to raise the issue of the latest events in this casino, so if you are interested, we invite you to read.

Bonsai Golden Bonsai Lottery in Manuki Casino

At first, we would like to tell a little about not the tournament, but the lottery. We chose a lottery because the beginner will be easier to read the awards system by online casino just based on a simple lottery. This is an event in which you do not have to do too much, and for this can give really a lot of good effects. All you need to do is save and then deposit your deposit. I do not need anything more.

You will get 1 lottery ticket for every 80 AUD paid for your account. One day you can, of course, get more tickets if you decide to pay your deposit several times. However, you must know that you can not have more than 5 tickets at the same time, other players also want to have a chance to win. Wins 100 tickets. 20 of them guarantees as many as 100 free spins. In turn, 80 of them will be awarded after 24 spins. It is worth remembering that the winnings from these spins should be turned later.

Royal Kabuki Tournament in online casino Manuki Casino

Royal Kabuki Tournament is one of those events that we especially like and collect positive feedback from most beginner players because of its form. It is praised because You can use every game in the tournament. This does not matter, so as a beginner, we can use slots that we like, and do not use only a narrow group of games.

Using the tournament is also very easy because you do not even have to save. All you have to do is start playing the game you choose, and then for each spin you will spend at least 4 zlotys. This is really the only condition of joining the tournament for users of this online casino. The winnings are quite decent, the leader table looks like this:

  • 1 person will get 700 euros
  • 2 win a person will receive 500 euros
  • 3 person on the list can count on 400 euros

There will be 250 people in the tournament. From the hundredth place instead of cash players will get free spins on one of the most popular games on the market, i.e. Book of Dead.

Tournament only for VIPs

Casino manii cares for his players, and especially about those who are happy to come back to him. Loyal players can even count on their own tournaments. One of such events is for example VIP Dynasty tournamentWhich will last about two days. New players rather do not catch him, but it's worth knowing what to expect. For loyal players are the best prizes, therefore The first person on the list will get as much as AUD 10,000.

In this case, all slots are also eligible and the minimum amount of the plant is AUD 4. You can see that tournaments in this online casino are quite similar, so you will not be surprised, and additionally as a loyal player you get additional benefits from the casino.