Recent offers in the Unibet Casino

By magdalena
25 June, 2022
At the Unibet casino, there is always something going on, which is why it is worth becoming a member. If you like many tournaments, lotteries, discounts and events, this is the right place for you. Players who expect only good games, rather do not take advantage of all the goodness offered by this casino. This is a page for active players who like to sometimes take a chance and put everything on one bet. If you like the competition, and Gambling is your hobby, you will definitely find yourself in Unibet. This is one of the most interesting casinos, which you will see even before registration. Read what has this time to offer and decide yourself if it's interesting you.

Loteria BLAST w Unibet

Unibet has a deal for everyone. It not only makes players happy on slots and live games, but also those who like to bet on virtual sports. This time it fell on CS: Go. All you have to do is You will bet 25 AUD for one of the results and you will get 1 lottery ticket. You do not have to race with anyone, just set your bet, it can be minimal. It is interesting that you can get so many coupons for lottery as you can use. If you want to increase your chances of winning, put a sum of 25 AUD several times. The pool of this lottery is as much as AUD 50,000 and will be distributed between 10 lucky ones. Everyone will get AUD 5,000.

Get a free bet

Unibet casino also gives you the opportunity to get a completely free plant in the Premier League. You will be able to choose what you want to bet on, the page leaves you complete freedom. The amount of the plant, which you can win is AUD 25. The condition for receiving it is to rotate at least AUD 100 in selected slots. These are vases named: Starburst, Football Star, Shaolin Soccer i Champions Cup. Each player gets a free bet, and some of them can fight for money from the pool of 25,000 zł . If you feel sorry for you, you will win twice. This sum will be divided between 200 players, a condition for finding on the list is to draw the highest aligned winnings.

Wild Wonder

Recently, a mini game called Wild Wonder was presented at the Unibet Casino. It introduces players to an enchanted world in which you can win quite a lot. The game is based on Bingo. Unibet decided to organize tournaments related to Wild Wonder game. In the first week, players must play in selected rooms, and 20 winners will get special vouchers in which you can get even AUD 1,000.

This is not the end, in the next week saved to the tournament, players get special missions, and this is, for example, playing games in the game, paying a deposit or similar. All you need to do is log in to the game to find a mission. Gifts are personalized. In the last week of the tournament, you do not have a player only in Wild Wonder, you can use any mini games and If you're one of the best players, you'll get up to 500 free spins.

Poker offer

Unibet casino also did not forget about poker fans. Recently you can play against the Philippian King and knock it out of the throne, winning. If you sign up for a poker tournament, you will get a free chip every day, thanks to which you can start a game. Play and win and you will get even more chips. This tournament will allow you to tickets for a luxury Hexapro, bonus points, and most importantly, you will take part in the fight for EUR 2,000.

A happy spin tournament

Remember that you can still fight in a happy spin tournament and get a daily rain of winning. This is the last week, so if you have not yet had the opportunity to save, you have the last chance. Check what this time the slots are on the list and if you have a moment of time, turn the web. Maybe you will be lucky in this last week.