An interesting offer from Casino Mani

By magdalena
April 24, 2022
Casino manii stands on a background of others because of the image of a sweet cat's happiness that comes from China. This is his hallmark, which was a quite wise idea from the owner of the casino, because the cat presents itself very nicely and is memorized. Do not think, however, that Casino manii has only aesthetically made cat animation. This is a lot more because it focused on all aspects in which online casino should be equipped. One of such aspects are bonuses. It is in the Casino manii, you have access to very interesting promotions you will not find in any other casino. In this article, we have the opportunity to describe the latest offer that will certainly appeal to many people.

Missions of gold turnover - what they rely on?

Do you like challenges? I will definitely like it Missions of gold turnover, i.e. a completely new promotion from Mine. Bonus This differs from all tournaments that you know, it has no principles similar to competitions where you must collect points for the game in a given slot. If this type of tournaments got bored, you will definitely find yourself in golden turnover missions.

As you can deduce from the title, the casino manei gives you some missions, and you will be awarded for their execution. Every day you will be able to try to fill the given missions for a while. You can tempt yourself for one of them or fill all, the choice belongs to you. The promotion has already begun and will end exactly 10 MaySo you can still take advantage of many of them.

What exactly the missions are waiting for you?

Below we give the exact pitch from which you will learn what mission is waiting for you every day. Familiarize yourself with it and decide yourself, whose day it is worth investing some time in a casino manie.

23: On this day you should make one deposit, and then bet 500 plants on a well-known machine called Sweet Alchemy. Your prize will be until 30 free spins.

April 24: If you take part in a special weekend tournament, then you will find yourself on the list of leaders, then you can count on until 100 free spinsOut of course, a prize for the tournament.

April 27: On Monday, all you have to do is make two payments and then choose a slot and put 700 plants. If you do this, it will appear on your account 30 free spins for use.

April 28: This mission is very similar to the previous one. This time, there is a requirement to pay three deposits and betting on 1,500 plants for any machine in the casino, and you will get a prize until you 50 free spins.

April 29: Again, you have the opportunity to get free spins. Your task is to pay a deposit and bet on 500 plants on the Sweet Alchemy automat. Your prize will be 30 free spins.

April 30: If you get 10 COMPPs, this day, this day you will get a completely free 100 points COMPAnd each of them raises your casino status.

10 May: On this day you can take part in the weekend tournament, and if you can find on the list of leaders, you can count on 100 free spins I have granted immediately after the weekend.

All free spins that will be awarded to you can be used in Sweet Alchemy, or a slot machine from Play'n Go. If this slot will not be available to you, you can use them in the machine from Betsoft named Viking Voyage. We encourage not only to take part in the bonus, but also in the weekend tournament, and you will not surprise you boredom.