Halloween in Betamo Casino

By magdalena
October 27, 2022
From time to time, Betamo Casino surprises us with your ingenuity to detach your players from Rutin. The site is not very often in our news, but sometimes its owners fall into such ideas that it is difficult to not mention it. This is how it is now and now, when Betamo has prepared an ideal offer especially for Halloween. This is one of the most interesting proposals for this time, so we encourage all players to be interested in it. If you're not yet a user of this site, read about this offer, and maybe she'll convince you to create an online Betamo Casino account. We invite you to read and wish you the biggest winnings.

Hallowheel in online casino Betamo

Many online casinos decide to create special events regarding a given, upcoming holiday. It is always a good idea because during Christmas players can relax, they usually have more time to devote yourself to your hobby. Halloween can not be the most famous holiday, but some casinos decided to make their part and adding an event related to this celebration. One of them is Betamo.

The interesting thing is that what has prepared Betamo, this is not a traditional tournament in which you will have to fight for a place. The player's task is much simpler, which you will find out. This event has been operating for several days, and it will only valid until November 1, 2022That's when Halloween ends and the popularity associated with him. So you have a few days to take advantage of an interesting, new Betamo online casino event. Do not miss this opportunity because it is beneficial and extremely interesting.

How to use Hallowheel in online casino Betamo

Do not worry because Hallowheel is not a complicated tournament, you will not have to fight for your points. The only thing you need to do is pay a deposit. Its sum should be at least AUD 120 (30 euros, depending on what currency you deposit payment). Do not be afraid, this money is not to pay for the opportunity to participate in this event. You pay them to your account, and then you will be able to use them to use your favorite gambling games. Be sure to remember to enter the bonus code in your free place when making a deposit. Without this money, they will not be included as associated with this promotion. Bonus code for Hallowheel to Pumpkin, do not make a mistake when typing it.

At this point, you can go to the main page of this casino. On the left you will see different offers, and at the very bottom of this list there is Hallowheel, which has been marked with orange pumpkin with an ominous smile. Click on it, and a large fortune circle will appear on the screen. Spread it and see what you have won. There are very interesting prizes marked on the wheel, and among others are:

  • 10 free spins
  • AUD 500
  • 50 free spins
  • AUD 5,000
  • 200 free spins
  • 50,000 AUD

The player always wins something, so it's worth trying his luck. It is interesting If every day in the promotion days you decide to pay the required deposit, you will be able to turn this circle every day. Limit is once a day. Such regulations significantly increases your chances of gaining the highest prize. Outside Hallowheel, there are more interesting events in Betamo, so if you have a moment of time, it's worth getting to know them, what we strongly encourage you.