Awarding prizes in Casino Euro

By magdalena
15 September, 2022
Casino Euro often guests on our portal. Players who know this casino certainly do not surprise, because it is not a secret that it is very generous for your online casino players. On the site there is always a tournament to which you can save. So if you do not satisfy you only games and you prefer a competition, you will find it in Casino Euro. In the casino you can find not only tournaments, but also many lottery additives and other hands. We would like to tell you about such an event because Casino the euro decided to provide an interesting hand from my players. Try to not miss him and immediately register in Casino Euro.

A great deal of money in Casino Euro

A little casinos agrees to great promotions in which you can win a lot of money. However, Casino Euro is different because it is for a long time on the market. As a result, it can afford such generous events to distribute money as present. Every day, players can earn over AUD 55,000And this is really a big sum. This is one of the events that you would like to repeat each day. You're lucky because in Casino Euro This promotion lasts until the whole month. For this reason, that distribution of money has started with the beginning of September, and ends with the end of this month. So you have more than 2 weeks to get a high cash.

Rules for distributing money in Casino Euro

One of the advantages of a new event at Casino Euro is that you can avoid competition. If you meet the right conditions, all you need to do is just waiting, and it's very possible that you will get your prize. You do not have to score any points, fight for multipliers or try to get the highest win. In fact, you must do what you always do in the casino, or just play your favorite games every day. At first, of course, you have to save this tournament. Without this, your participation will not be confirmed and in this way you will not be able to receive any winnings.

After signing up to the tournament, you can go to play right away. Use all games, and for every AUD 45 issued you will get 1 ticket for everyday lottery. Every day you can even get up to 100 tickets to increase your chance to win as much as possible. The more tickets on your account, the more chances that this is your ticket to be drawn. You can approach the lottery every day and the only condition of participation is to get one ticket. However, you must know that every player must follow some rhythm of games that can use. It was divided into days, and closely:

  • Mondays: All slot type gambling games
  • Tuesdays: All live games
  • Wednesdays: Any slot type gambling games
  • Thursdays: Automatic and live roulette
  • Five: Slots gambling games
  • Saturday: All games placed in the casino section
  • Sunday: Any slot game

This means that if the player is in a given group, it's best to spend his money as much as possible and get a lottery ticket for them. It is worth remembering one more condition, and this is an edition for a single bet 1.80 AUD.

What prizes can you win?

Every day, players to their pockets hide over AUD 55,000, and interestingly, these prizes are not in any way targeted or additional fees. During the month, the casino will be over one million zlotys. One of the prizes is worth AUD 18,000, 2 of them have a value of AUD 4,500, 5 people will get AUD 450, seven after AUD 225, and 50 after AUD 112. 123 people can boast of AUD 45 prizes, and the rest, or 800 people will get over AUD 22.5. In total, 1,000 people will receive prizes.