Gifts from Casino Euro for Christmas

By magdalena
December 20, 2019
Casino Euro is one of those casinos that are very involved in various events during the year. So you can expect a very interesting offer for Christmas, and it is even better than you imagine. Casino Euro is attractive for players not only because of interesting bonuses, but also because of other aspects such as security and very good customer service. If you are not yet a member of the casino presented, read what he has to offer, maybe a Christmas offer will convince you to try your strength on this page.

If you are not yet a member of the casino presented, read what he has to offer, maybe a Christmas offer will convince you to try your strength on this page.

What Casino Euro offers Christmas

  • Gift or rod

A gift or a rod is one of the most interesting Christmas lotteries. It is interesting in terms of structure, and it is worth remembering that this is just one of the options available for the holidays. After selecting this lottery, a calendar appears on the screen where the days of the month of December were marked, from 1. do 24.Because that's why this promotion is on.

A 1 bonus is available every day and should be used on the same day. So far, the promotion looks quite normally, but an interesting part begins just at this moment. After definitely on a given day to promote, you can choose one of two available versions. One of them is a polite bonus and a bonus for naughty.

The first version consists in the fact that the player pays a deposit of approximately AUD 100 and get 10 free spins on the game chosen by the casino. Then play and be the best player, you have a chance to win AUD 1000 if you first on the list. In turn, the version for naughty requires investing a slightly larger amount, because about AUD 600. You will get 20 free spins for this type of deposit and You can try to win AUD 6,000. You can also win a little smaller amounts if you can get one of the first places on the list.

  • Weekly Festive Lottery

In addition to the very interesting tournament, Casino Euro also decided to organize a very interesting Christmas lottery. Its principles are very easy and consist in depositing a deposit of AUD 100, and every player gets 1 coupon for him. It's not all, the coupon can also get for each rotated 200 zlotys. The more coupons, the more likely you will win.

The lottery is organized from the beginning of December, at the end of each week. The first prize in the lottery is AUD 6,000So you have a chance for every week. In second place there are AUD 4,000, and on the third AUD 2,800. The places to win are 50, in addition to cash, you can also get free spins (20 or 50 spins). Lottery ends December 22.

  • December worth remembering

December Warta remember this tournament that is active from December 16 to December 22. All you need to do is, 8 zlotys in Dream Catcher and Monopoly, and then you will meet several conditions. One of them is to put on numbers and win on them. You also need to get a bonus game. You can say that there is something to fight because The main prize is as much as AUD 80,000. Separately, 10,000 zlotys can also be obtained for the first place in the entire game.

As you can see, Casino Euro gives players many options to choose from. Choose one of them or a few you like. In December, you will certainly not be bored.