Get 10,000 in Betsafe

By magdalena
June 21, 2022
Betsafe surprises his players an interesting tournament. in this casino always happens, so it's worth to be up to date with him. this is one of the most famous casinos on the market and always proposes very interesting solutions. this time it is a quite fast tournament in which there are pln 60,000 with the pool. do not let such an opportunity and subscribe to the tournament. if you are not yet registered in the casino, it is possible that this is a very good time, because you will not only be awarded for the creation of an account, but otherwise you will be able to use many other additives as the latest tournament.

Crazy Time tournament in Betsafe

For several days in Betsafe casino you can sign up for an exciting tournament called Crazy Time. This name came from a completely new game from Evolution Gaming, which has just been shown to a wider audience. All devotees of the famous Evolution Gaming supplier with impatience were waiting for the appearance of this game. It has elements of Dream Catcher, in which the figure of the Fortune wheel appears. During the game, the Croupier turns on this wheel to see what the player can draw. Many people think that Crazy Time is a better version of Dream Catcher because it has as many as 4 bonus rounds and other additives, thanks to which the game is very exciting.

Rules of the Crazy Time tournament in Betsafe

If you want to see if the new Crazy Time game is as good as they describe it, you can do it in Betsafe during the tournament. Thanks to this, you can not only check a new game, but also by the way Win a prize from AUD 60,000. 2 benefits in one fell swoop, so it is difficult to refuse them. The principles of this tournament are very simple, so the more you should not have any problem. At the beginning, all you have to do is sign up for the tournament. Enter the right page and click "I'm subscribe".

Then your task is to run a real money game. Remember that the minimum bet should amount to AUD 1.60If you choose smaller, spins will not count in the game. In this tournament it counts as much as the greatest win from a single spin. This means that you do not have to put a lot to win. You can put a minimum rate of 1.60, and then win a large amount and will give you a win. A single win always shares through the plant. You do not have to spend a lot to become a winner. This is the advantage of this tournament, because even players who usually do not put too high plants, as much as they have a chance to win.

How much can you win in the Crazy Time tournament in Betsafe?

Tournament Crazy Time w betsafe began on June 15, 2022, and ends thoroughly at the end of the day June 21, 2022. This time you do not have to hurry to catch points, just one spin that will completely change your location. The first person on the list has a chance to get as much as AUD 10,000So it's worth trying your strength. In addition, as many as 200 players will be awarded in Crazy Time, so the chance that you can find yourself on the list of leaders is very big.

The second person's prize is AUD 6,400, in turn, the player in the third place will get exactly AUD 5,000. 4. The place may count on a prize of AUD 4,000. Then the sums decrease a little, the last people will get 80 AUD and after AUD 24. If you manage such an amount to win one spin for 1.60 AUD, it's worth taking part in this game. So do not think long and check out in a new game from Evolution Gaming, if you do not try, you can regret it later.