Free Spiny in Mr. Casino

By magdalena
4 March, 2022
If you follow our reviews, you certainly noticed that it is worth registering in Mr. Casino. This is definitely a secure page with a fairly interesting interface and a motif. In the casino you have access to quite interesting promotions and bonuses that are usually booked for new players.

However, there are several regular bonuses that are directed for previously registered people. If you are one of them, do not hesitate for too long and try a new promotion from Mr. Casino, and you will not regret it.

If you are not registered yet, do it now, and you will be able to take advantage of an interesting promotion for new users, and immediately after that you can get a bonus for permanent players. You will get as much as 100% of the amount deposited for the first deposit. Interestingly, its sum does not count, so you can pay a very big amount and be sure that it will be doubled. Let's get to the current bonus, because it is the hero of this article.

A series of free spins in Mr. Casino

From February 22, 2022, the possibility of getting completely free spins in Mr. Casino. This is quite a sudden offer because she was not announced anywhere, so all players were very pleasantly surprised when they learned that you can get something so interesting in the casino. Do not worry that the bonus started a few days ago. You can still try to get spins because you do not have to meet practically any conditions. The promotion will last until 4 Brand 2022. Including, you know you have a few more days to bring out betting completely free and in a few popular slots! Below are we look exactly what the promotion is applicable.

Details of the Promotion in Mr. Casino

The principles of the presented promotion are quite simple. All you have to do is just paying money. This means that you will not do anything that you would not know anymore. You do not have to fear that the operation will not work, and you will stay with anything. So the current promotion applies:

  • If you pay a deposit for an amount from AUD 50 to AUD 99, you will get free spins on known multiple slot players Monster Wheels. After payment, you will get 30 free spins to the 8.30 AUD bet.
  • After paying from AUD 100 to AUD 149 for your Casino account, you will get free spins on a cowboy motif motive title Showdown Saloon. The number of spins does not change, there are 30 thereof, but this time on the sum of the bet 0.60 zlotys.
  • When your deposit will be from AUD 150 to 199 zlotys, you have a guaranteed free spiny on Pollen Party, that is, for a very interesting game about the bee theme. 30 free spins should help you win an interesting amount. This time your bet will be the entire zloty.
  • The last game that the promotion includes Jungle Jim El Dorado. Free spins can only be reached when you deposit at least AUD 200 to your account. You can also pay more. Not enough that you will get 30 free spins, then your bet will have a value of AUD 1.50. So immerse yourself in an unknown forest and play for a time for free.

Each player has the right to take part in this promotion, there are no restrictions. The only condition is that you can only use the bonus on a single game. This means that if you have already received free spins on Jungle Jim El Dorado, you can get a bonus only for other games. Take advantage of this promotion and enjoy winners, good luck!