Fight by 1,000 euros in Cadabrus casino

By magdalena
17 January, 2022
All people who currently have a little more time, invite you to a fairly fast and easy online casino tournament Cadabrus. This is a relatively new casino, which you can trust, which we have already proved at our review. You will find many details about this casino, so you will definitely be useful if you plan to register in it. It is possible that after getting acquainted with the following article, you decide to give this casino chance, because the last offer has prepared, looks really attractive. Do not prolong, we invite you to read.

Tournament in honor of the middle of the month

Casino from a group of owners are characterized by the fact that they have very similar and regular events, so if you are wondering where you will best develop your interests about gambling and healthy competition between casino users. Remember that this type of events can be found in several online casinos, you do not have to use only Cadabrus, but it's still waiting for you even more benefits.

You can use tournaments renewing every month or every week, and this time we are dealing with an event that always appears in mid-month. This is MID-MONTH Booster, who always starts exactly 15 days And from that time lasts for 7 days. If you can devote some time every day and getting points in tournaments, this event will certainly prove to be appropriate for you.

Details on the Cadabrus casino tournament on the occasion of the middle of the month

MID-MONTH Booster will work with players that are more classic approaching tournament issues. Its rules are not complicated in any way, and the rules are arranged in such a way that everyone can understand them quickly. The casino has prepared several games for your players from which you can use this competition. It is interesting that you do not have to sign up to this event, just start playing and points to your account anymore. Games in which you can play this time is:

  • Queen of Gold
  • Buffalo King
  • Starz
  • Great Rhino Megaways
  • Mysterious Egypt
  • Book of Kingdoms

The games are not connected, but we see that they are one of the popular positions, so playing in it, you will certainly be satisfied. The condition for taking part in this competition is that whenever the player must set a bet at least 0,2 euros with each spin. In addition, you must go through the minimum number of qualifying spins, which is 50. Without this points will not be counted.

In this tournament they are counted on the basis of the plant and winning, simply comparing them. When you win, the win is divided by the plant and this is how the result will appear in the leader table. Subsequent points to your account are then added. We like this form of the tournament because the casino does not focus on the number of the plant, which is easy to manipulate, and for this actually draws attention to the skills and fortunately the player.

Winning in the tournament for the middle of the month in Cadabrus Casino

When you go to the tournament page, you will see that the first places have been marked with different-colored carrots, which is a very creative idea for a hitch for the theme of this page. However, passing into concretes, The tournament has 1 000 euros to give. It may seem that this is not a lot, but it is worth remembering that all these prizes have no trading conditions, so it's still paying off.

20 people will be awarded, and The first of them will get 300 euros for clean. The second player will be able to boast of half, or 150 euros, and another will get 100 euros. The first person will receive 80 euros for the podium, and the next ones will always get 10 euros less. The last 10 people will get 10 euros.