Betsson casino slots festival

By magdalena
August 6, 2022
The Betsson Casino is set not only to offering exciting slot games, but also plants. This is a proven party that has been known for many years. This is a stable brand, and thanks to this can organize very lucrative events for your players. One of them is the tournament festival that we would like to tell today. This is a special event for all players and you can win a really lot of money in it, so it is worth saving. If you are not yet a registered player, think about creating an account in this casino, because it will pay off for a long run. You will be able to use not only this tournament, but also from many others.

Betsson casino slots festival

From July 22, 2022, you could subscribe to the latest Betsson Casino Tournament. This is a tournament connected to the festival because it does not have too many restrictive rules. It was specially created for players who love various machines. The advantage of this tournament is that You win, playing your favorite slots. You do not need to use the list of casino tournament slots because it is not. So you will not be limited to a few vending machinesYou do not like or simply do not know yet. You can come to the game, and thus win.

Another advantage is that you do not have to hurry. This tournament will last until August 30, 2022So you have a lot of time to take part in it. This event is renewed every day. From then on every day you have a chance to get a lot of cash. Remember, however, that in order to take part in this tournament, you have to save each day. So choose a day or a few where you can spend some time to play on machines. You decide whether you want to play a given day or just do not have time, the choice belongs to you.

The exact principles of the Betsson Casino Slot Festival

You already know that to take part in this event, you must sign up. For this casino set special rules on establishments. The minimum rate in this tournament is 1.1 zlotysA smaller sum will not be accepted by the system. You can play on any device, it does not matter if it is a computer or a mobile phone. However, it is worth remembering that only bets for real money are counted, bonus will be overlooked in the tournament.

To climb to the top of the leader table, you must get the highest number of points. They are calculated in a fairly specific way, so it is worth paying attention to it. He takes a sum from each one round and deducts a win from the rate. Next for every 0.45 AUD you won on clean, you get one point. Depending on how much 0.45 AUD falls in a summary, this will be the amount of your points. The more you win and the more rounds you will play, the more you have points and a greater chance of your win.

What can you win in the Betsson Casino Festival Tournament

For each day, Betsson casino decided to allocate as much as AUD 22,500, and as many as 100 people will be awarded every day. It is a really big sum, and many people will receive a prize, so the chance that you will be quite large among them. The person will take all AUD 4,500 in the first place. Another person on the list will get 1 372.5 AUD. The player in the third place will receive AUD 1 237.5. The fourth place will receive AUD 1 125. Then these amounts gradually reduce, and the last 20 people will be awarded AUD 45. All prizes will be paid immediately after the end of the tournament. If it happens that the two people will have the same number of points, he wins who gained them earlier.