Unusual tournaments from Energy Casino

By magdalena
2 February, 2022
Are you tired of still seeing the same tournaments? Would you like to take part in a preliminary event? If you're using Energy Casino, you know what we are talking about. However, if you are not his member, we assure you that you would like to know.

Below are you about one of the more interesting proposals on the market, and both can be found in Energy Casino.

Is it worth taking part in Energy Casino tournaments?

Energy Casino is not without reason that it is one of the most popular on the market. It has a guarantee of security, a huge game base that does not allow you to get bored, very good customer service and of course interesting bonuses and promotions. All these aspects are very important, but we know that some players most often pay attention to bonuses. Sometimes it may be, but not in the case energy casinobecause you can trust him without any fluctuations, which can also be found from our review.

The tournament they all say, or the Incredible Balloon Machine

The Incredible Balloon Machine He has one of the most unprecedented motifs when it comes to slots. This is what will be the main character in this tournament, so it's worth knowing about him. This machine has no drums or rows with symbols. So how can you get any prizes if it is possible at all? It turns out that yes. In the middle of the screen there is a pump attached to a balloon. Player's task is to infect the balloon. At this point, however, there is a hook because it can be easily led to pumping a balloon that then breaks, and you stay with nothing.

The principles of the machine are extremely unique, it is difficult to find a slot with a similar mechanic. Energy Casino has decided to organize a tournament, based only on this slot. So what do you need to do? Play the Incredible Balloon Machine and try to get the biggest sum During a single spin. 10 rounds count immediately after each other. However, you must know that you will not be able to pay a greater sum for Spin. Wins are counted on the basis of spin and winSo you do not matter if you pay 0.20 dollar or $ 20 for spin, you'll get exactly the same number of points. Thanks to this, the person who paid the minimum sum also has a chance for a big win. The tournament started on January 28, and ends on February 4, so you have a lot of time to win.

Is taking part in the Incredible Balloon Machine tournament profitable?

If you manage to get the first place, you can count on the reward 400 euro. The person who won the second place will receive 250 euro. Then all players who stood on the 3rd, 4th and 5th place will take a prize of values 125 euro. Fortunately, the distribution of prizes does not end, the person from 6. to 15 will get 50 euros, from 16 to 35th places 30 euros, from 36. to 50th place after 25 euros, and other participants, that is all People from 51. to 100th place will receive 10 euros. As you can see, the casino took place for 100 people, it's very possible that your name will be among the winners.

Can you count on something else in Energy Casino?

Outside The Incredible Balloon Machine Energy Casino always hides something else in the sleeve. In this case, this is a tournament with Pariplay slots today in the main role. Play your favorite vending machines And win, you have a chance to get up to 300 euros. Along with Energy Casino Your weekend can be really interesting.