Exciting tournament with Jackpotes in the main role in the Fezbet Casino

By magdalena
12 July, 2022
The Fezbet casino is very high in our ranking, because it is a solid page on which players can safely use popular gambling games. The casino has many advantages we have already mentioned in our review. This time we will focus on the tournament organized in Fezbet. This is a completely new event on the site, so if you have a moment of free time in the upcoming weekend, it is worth trying your hand at present the most interesting tournament in casinos available for Australian players. Locate, what are the details of the Fezbet tournament, it's possible that he will fulfill your requirements and you will be able to spend time with your favorite games, and to win something.

Jackpot hunting

Jackpot Hunt, or Jackpota hunting is a completely new Fezbet casino tournament, but not only. Exactly the same tournament can be found on other casinos whose owner is Araxio Development N.V. This is a group that manages a very large number of gambling, so you will be able to use Jackpota hunting in several places. This means that you do not have to register specifically to Fezbet to play the latest tournament. However, if you do not have an account in any of these casinos, select Fezbet because it is checked, good and safe.

Details on the Tournament Hunting for Jackpotes in the Fezbet Casino

The Jackpota hunting tournament began on July 7, 2022. This is a very short tournament, just for the weekend, because ends along with July 12, 2022. So use it if you have a moment of time, but do not hesitate too long because you will not be able to touch the right number of points. His pool is up to 30,000 eurosAnd they are not small money, so you should risk. So do not hesitate and start your adventure with the best jackpots on the site. The entire tournament is based on three games, and they are exactly Ozwin’s Jackpots, Jackpot Raiders oraz Holmes and the Stolen Stones.

All listed games are jackpotes for no reason because they call for the titles of this tournament. The principles of this tournament are very easy. At first, the player must have save, that is, press the button with the word "Join Now". Then the player has to choose from three games we mentioned earlier. For a bonus period, you can play one slot or all, this is a completely selection of the player. The advantage of the Jackpoti hunting tournament is that there is no fixed amount of the plant. In this case, the player also has a completely free hand on this subject. So if you usually put larger amounts, choose those that match your style if they are rather smaller plants, you can also continue the game in your own way.

Awards in the Fezbet Casino Jackpota Tournament

We come to the most exciting part of the tournament, and these are, of course, prizes. The award system in this case looks a bit different than in other contests. The prize pool in this tournament is EUR 30,000. The principle is that every spin can win. Your task is to play, and each of the spins you set can bring you a prize of 10 euros. It is worth remembering that every bet can win one prize, but one player can win a few of them.

Fezbet has up to 2,000 prizes for 10 euros Throughout the last tournament. Each bet can win, so do not hesitate, just play. Additionally One player has a chance to win the main prize, which is 10,000 euros. It will be drawn in the same way at the end of the tournament, so it is worth staying until the very end. Interestingly, in this tournament all wins are sent to players immediately after receiving them, you do not have to wait traditional 72 hours. So use the new tournament, set the bets and win in good slots with Jackpot.