Crazy Weekend in Unibet

By magdalena
1 March, 2022
Can you think: Unibet again? How is it possible that it appears again on the list? However, we do not have a choice because Unibet is actually one of the best casinos that regularly proposes to take part in additional promotions to your players!

And that's not what promotions, because he always manages to surprise players! Casino can not be accused in any way that it is monotonous, which you have already convinced you, being a member of Unibet, and it's hard for you to do it when the casino offers so interesting bonuses. Read our article yourself and you will see!

Lottery of war shells

The first one from the promotion we would like to say is a very interesting lottery tournament of war. This competition is based on the new Atilla The Hun game. The earlier tournament was associated with her, and Unibet decided to create a hero of the next tournament from this slot. We are not surprised at all, because the title of this tournament fits very much to the climate of this game, and this is a story about the ancient warrior who had to defeat many enemies on his way.

So what do you need to do? From today, from February 28, 2022, be sure to play the Atilla The Hun slot. If you can turn 100 zlotys, you'll get two lottery lottery. Of course you can get more fate, but you have to spend another 100 zlotys on the occasion. More fate also means an increased chance of winning, and you have some time to pay for payment, because the tournament ends on March 5, 2022, so you have some time to pick your fates. What can you win? If you hit the first place, or you hit this happy fate, you will earn as much as AUD 12,500. In second place, you can expect a little smaller prize, and it is AUD 6,250, in turn, in the third place you will get AUD 2 100. The honored places are up to 250, so there is a very high probability that you will get into a high prize.

Frispinowa Friday

Due to the fact that today is Friday, at Unibet again, you can use a very interesting promotion called Frisprinowa Friday. It is ideal for those who like Jumanji. The rules of this promotion are not complicated. All you have to do is open the Jumanji slot from 18:00 to 21:00, because it works only in these three hours. Then you have to turn the wheel. On the wheel there are values from 3 to 20 and depending on what you are out, so much Free spins You will receive. It is interesting that you can approach this promotion every Friday.

Exclusive tournament

So that you have full hands, the Unibet casino has prepared something else for you. The exclusive tournament really started at the beginning of February, but because it is divided into 4 parts, you can still sign up to the last two. At the beginning, however, take advantage of a third part, because it will end on March 1, so you have just what to take on the weekend. Your task is first to subscribe to, and then Play Jolly Dicers, Treasure Heroes, Troll Hunters 2 and the mentioned ATILLA The Hun.

The prize pool is as much as AUD 125,000, and it will be divided between 100 players. They will be judged after their rotation. The best player will get as much as AUD 25,000, the player in the second place will earn AUD 12,500, and on the third one will get AUD 7,500. Then the amounts are a little lower, but it is still worth signing up to the tournament and spend the exciting weekend with Unibet, everything depends on you.