Festive promotion at Betsson Casino

By magdalena
9 December, 2022
Holidays also came to the Betsson casino very popular among Australian players. This is a site that never lets no Christmas, the more a big one like Christmas. Especially for their players, she prepared something special and that's what we would like to tell a little more about this event. You can not know this casino too well, but you should not worry about it, because you can find out from our review. Below, in turn, we put detail on the latest event in this casino, which is worth using. If you want to feel the real magic of Christmas, we invite you to read.

Christmas Betsson online casino

Christmas promotion in Betsson casino has already begun at the beginning of December, i.e. exactly From December 1, 2022 and will last until December 27, 2022. Nothing harms that the first days of promotion missed, because it is constructed in such a way that no one is strange. It works on the basis of an advent calendar. Each day of this month is presented in the form of a tasty gingerbread. Only one and this one can only open for a given day. Under each there are tasks and prizes for them, you never know what is waiting for you on a given day. During these promotions you can win, among others:

  • Free spins. They are awarded for a small payment or for a given money.
  • The deposit bonus is always 50%, and you can minimally deposit 100 zlotys.
  • Additional money in Live casino A value of AUD 25.
  • Bets without risk for the execution of a given task.
  • A free bet that can be determined before the match or live.

Every day will surprise you with something completely different. You can always decide whether a given promotion is worth your time if you prefer to wait for the next day, the casino will not force you to take part in the bonus every day. In the meantime, however, collect "turn" and thus we go to the next part of this promotion.

An additional attraction in the form of a prize for the Casino Trade

From the very beginning of this event, i.e. from December 1 to December 27 The casino calculates the money that each player saved to the tournament collects. Based on what will be collected by the player, a given prize will be awarded, everything depends on the sum. Below is the exact location, what you can count on. Remember that only bets that had a value of at least 1.50 zlotys take in the promotion.

  • For turning from AUD 20,000 to AUD 39,999 you will get AUD 100 for free bets and 50 free spins on the Jingle Spin slot worth AUD 1.
  • From AUD 40,000 to AUD 79 999 trading the prize is AUD 150 and an additional AUD 150 for free plants, and besides 75 free spins on Jingle Spin.
  • AUD 80,000 turnover up to AUD 139 999 guarantees AUD 200 in free plants, AUD 250 cash and as many as 100 free spins on Jingle Spin.
  • From AUD 140,000 to AUD 219 999, the player will get 250 AUD for free plants, AUD 300 for the edition in games and 125 free spins on Jingle Spin.
  • AUD 220,000 to AUD 399,000 turnover makes the player receives 150 Free spins And up to AUD 300 in free plants and 350 AUD on slots.
  • From 400,000 AUD to 799 999 AUD turnover, it will make up to AUD 500 for slots, 175 free spins and 400 AUD for free bets.

From 800,000 turns, players get special gifts, and these are, among others, iPad mini, PlayStation 5, iPhone 12 And for this also a package of free spins and cash to use in a casino. Rotate money, and besides winning, you will also get rich gifts.