Check the tournament and lottery in Cookie Casino

By magdalena
13 September, 2022
one of the sweetest online casinos on the market comes to action again and offers regular events that you never have enough. on our site we have already managed to put a review of this amazing online casino whose theme is completely different from the other casinos, which makes it one of the more interesting. it's hard to resist such a sweet side, so if you hesitate, read our article and see what casino's cookie is on offer. many players think that these events are really exciting and they can stop the player for a longer time in the casino because they are repeated. familiarize yourself with what you can get involved in these events and decide yourself.

A great lottery in Cookie Casino Casino

The lottery in Cookie Casino is an event that repeats every 5 days. The last round is just coming out, and in her place it will start completely new, so it's an ideal moment to make a game. Remember that if you do not have time now, you can wait 5 days and sign up for a lottery. You can always choose the perfect time for yourself in which you have a few moments to get involved in games and enough cash.

Another advantage of the Cookie Casino Lottery is that its principles are really simple. The only thing you need to do is simply pay a certain sum of the deposit. So if you intend to pay this money to spend them on your favorite games, it's worth doing just during this lottery. For every 40 AUD you are paid, you get 1 fate. The more 40 it will be in the total you pay, the more fate you will get. In turn, a larger number of votes means much greater chances of gaining a prize.

Cookie Casino has a total of 5,000 spins and they will be divided into 125 players. As many as 25 fate corresponds to 100 free spins. All other 100 fate correspond to a reward worth 25 spins. They are awarded to Great Rhino, and if this game is not available, the player will get revolutions for free on Super Sweets. It is worth remembering that the winnings from these spins are turned, so you will have to spend a certain cash to pay them.

Grand Joust Tournament in Cookie Casino

Grand Joust is very similar to the lottery in cookie casino. This is a renewable event, and appears every two days. It works in such a way that players must sign up and then they do what they like the most, that is, they play in slots. You can choose any games, all take part in this game, which is an ideal situation for players because they do not have any group of games imposed by the casino. Each 1 euro issued in these games corresponds to one point in this tournament. Based on the number of these points, the player receives a given prize.

The casino has up to 2,000 euros and 2,000 spins to handWhat is a very generous proposal. The first person will receive all 400 euros, the second place is a payment of 300 euros, and the last place on the podium will receive 200 euros. The person will be able to praise the winner of 100 euros right behind the podium. Then the sums of winning a little reduce, but slightly. From 41 places Players get free spins as winnings. The first prizes start with 70 spins and slowly decrease. Generally, as many as 100 players will be awarded in this tournament. In Casino cookie you can take part in many other events to which we encourage.