Chance for a big win in Playamo

By magdalena
30 June, 2022
Playamo Online Casino invites you to take part in an interesting tournament. A person at the head of the leader table has a chance to get even AUD 20,000, so he is no doubt about what to fight. It is a great sum, but Playamo has got used to your players that they propose them so high winnings, so they will not be surprised. If you have not yet had the opportunity to fight for such a big money, register in online casino playamo, and this opportunity will appear on your account regularly. It is worth to look from the casino from time to time because you can find such beads

Search for treasures from Playamo

Online Casino Playamo invites you to take part in the latest tournament called Treasure Search. This name has not been chosen accidentally what we still say. At the beginning, however, we give the most important information. This tournament started on June 18, 2022 and ends July 3, 2022. You may think that you do not have too much time to prepare yourself and take part in it, but we have a very good news for you. Only the first round of the tournament will be played.

So if you think you have enough time to collect enough points, you can sign up for the second round of the tournament. It starts exactly on the day of the end of the first round, i.e. July 3, 2022 and will end on July 18, 2022. You will have a lot of time in this case to find yourself at the top of the table.

How to take part in the tournament Search for a treasure in Playamo

At the beginning, let us explain where the name of this tournament came from. The reason why Playamo decided to call his tournament is the fact that all casino games take part in it. So you can use all slots on the casino list With a small exception, which are table games and live. This means that you have the opportunity to find your own treasures and play in this tournament. It is an ideal opportunity to play your favorite games as always, just the difference is that thanks to them you can get a really high cash.

The casino does not impose any games to their players, which does not happen very often. So you can easily get points, just using the casino as always. General principles are not complicated. Each 1 euro issued for games corresponds to one point in the table. The more Doczce points, the more chance you have to get a high cash prize. Do not forget to subscribe to the tournament because otherwise your points will not be charged. The entire list of leaders will be cleared on July 3, so if you want to take part in the second part of the tournament, do not collect points now, because at this point they do not come to anything.

Winning in the tournament Search for Treasury online Playamo

As many as 500 people will be awarded in each part of this tournamentb. Playamo casino has to hand AUD 200,000 and up to 30,000 free spins. These amounts should be divided in half, so in each part you can win after AUD 100,000 and 15,000 spins. The first person on the list will win 5,000 euros, another half of this, or 2,500 euros, and the player in third place will be awarded 2,000 euros. This sum slowly decreases with the number of places until the person on the 200th place will score 10 euros.

After this place, players get free spins, and starts with awarding 100 turns and ends at 10. It's worth knowing that the winners will get free spins on the game Gold Rush. However, if it turns out that this game is not available in the player's region, the same turnover will be awarded for free Gold Canyonn. All prizes must be rotated.