The Playfortuna Casino has prepared an interesting tournament for your players again

By magdalena
12 February, 2022
Have you already forget about the Playfortuna Casino? Not for long! The casino often reminds you very interesting promotions and tournaments, so you can not avoid this casino for a long time, because you can also skip unwanted events.

If you have not appeared on the site from the last tournament, it is necessary to return there now when a completely new competition started. Recently, most casinos made very active in this topic, but not all can offer such a tournament such as Playfortuna to their players.

The rules of the new tournament from Playformuna

Striking championship, i.e. a new tournament organized by Playfortuna He was appointed to life in cooperation with Thunderkick. If you do not know, Thunderkick It is one of the most popular manufacturers of casino games around the world. Machines from the Thunderkick brand are always innovative, refined to the last whole and very user-friendly. Without playing Thunderkick files, you lose quite a lot, this tournament can encourage you to try one-armed bandits of this company.

So what is the striking championship? It started on February 6, 2022 and will last until February 26, 2022. During this time, each player can take part in the tournament every day. The concept of the competition is very interesting because you can win 500 euros every day. Every day the tournament renews, and you again have a chance to win. Remember that everyday The tournament starts at 8:00 in the morningand ends thoroughly The next day at 7:59So there is not much time to rest.

All machines from Thunderkick come into play. There are quite a lot of them, so you'll have something to choose. Among them you can play, among others Divine Lotus, Jaguar Temple, Fruit Warp, Birds on a Wire, Babushkas, Carnival Queen, Midas Golden Touch, Sword of Khans, Yeti Battle of Greenhat Peak and a lot more. If you're a fan of this manufacturer, the tournament is certainly written if you are not familiar with Thunderkick automatons, you just have the opportunity to meet them.

How to win in a striking championship?

The principles of striking championships are not complicated. During the tournament, you should collect points and the person with the greatest amount is the winner. You have to choose to put in one of the Games bet for AUD 250, and you will get 1 point for the bet. However, if you get 5 zlotys right away, you get 2 points at the start. Then, depending on the winnings, collect more points. If you win twice your bet, points will be increased twice. If four times, in this case points will be enlarged seven times. The limit in this case turns out to win a twelve-chance of the plant. However, you have to remember that you qualify only when you get at least 50 points.

Winning in striking championships

JIf you manage to take first place in the daily tournament, you will get from the casino 80 euros. If you land on 2.Miescie, you can count on 70 euro. The prize for the 3rd place is 60 euro. Then the sum decreases until the place 20. For which the player will get 5 euros. However, people who have stood on the podium will be distinguished once again. At the end of the tournament there will be the results of all winners of the first places that will be 20. And at this point they will be awarded again, A person with the largest number of points will receive 1,000 euros, on 2nd place 800 euros, on 3,700 euros and as in the previous accident, the prize will decrease until the person on the 20th place will score 15 euros. So collect points and win, because it's worth it!