April calendar in Unibet

By magdalena
13 April, 2022
Unibet is an online casino known to many people in the world. It is completely safe and has a lot of offer, including many games and betting capabilities. In addition, Unibet does not let any opportunity to prepare new bonuses and promotions for their players. We have April, a month in which one of the largest holidays of the year takes place, or Easter. In connection with the above and waking up of life in the spring, Unibet invites you to subscribe to the new event, which is April calendar. You will learn about him from our article.

What is the April calendar proposed by the Unibet Casino.

April calendar has a very similar action to the Advent calendar, which is organized every year for Christmas. This time Unibet does not focus only on Easter holidays, but throughout the month of April. In this way, not only holidays were combined, but also the fact that the whole world now wakes up. The April calendar began in fact from the first day of this month, but therefore, that every day there is another promotion, you can use this promotion again every day of April. This bonus will end with the end of this month.

How the April Calendar at Online Unibet casino works and who can use it

Everyone can easily find April At Unibet, it is located in the main part of the promotion in this online casino. When you choose it, a black background will appear on the screen, and on it green leaves that remind you of life in spring. There are numbers on this background, from 1 do 30That's exactly how many days are April. You do not have to write to this promotion, so you do not have to use it every day. If you feel like it and time, you can have fun in the casino and to win something interesting.

Another Promotion is available each day And you can only use it, consecutive days are blocked. Days in which the promotion has already appeared is also disguised by the system if you have not used these promotions, you will not come back to them anymore. Each promotion starts around 12 hoursSo it is worth checking if you pay for you to take part in it so that you do not have to regret it and also had a lot of time to use it.

Remember that you can use in the promotion exclusively real money, You can not play the demo version, they will also not count funds gained in other bonuses. The good news is that after winning the bonus in the April calendar you do not have to use them exactly the same day. You will have time for it because they will appear on your account for about 7 days.

What exactly can you win in the April calendar?

As we have already mentioned, every day you can win something new. Typically, these promotions concern Free spins on selected slots and on free cash to be used in betting or live games. However, you can not check forward which bonuses are waiting for you, they are discovered only after 12 on the day they concern. The promotions that have passed are also invisible. Remember, however, that a given promotion will be able to run with the help of a deposit that you will pay for your account. The rules of this event are not complicated, there are 30 promotions, for this moment You can use the 15 of themSo do not waste time and play.