Bonus madness from Omni Slots

By magdalena
August 11, 2022
Omni Slots Review on our site explains very much about it. If you have not read it yet, we send it to her because thanks to her you can decide whether to register for this casino. This is a quite important message mainly because the creation of an account obliges you to certain activities, but at the same time allows you to gain additional benefits. When it comes to Omni Slots, it's a lot of benefits there. The casino provides a special guide after promotions for each month, so everyone should know when it is worth to book a little free time for your hobby, which is gambling. In this article, we describe the latest proposal from Omni Slots, we consider it a very beneficial for our readers, so you can skip at it.

8K Splash Tournament

From the beginning of August until the last days of this month, and exactly until August 28, 2022 Players can take part in one of the more interesting tournaments of this month. This is a tournament with very free terms, which you will find out quickly. At first, however, you must know that This tournament is divided for weeks. This means that you have the opportunity to win up to 4 times. The first week of this tournament ended, so you can become a winner 3 times.

25 people will be awarded each week. Chance that you will be quite big among them, so do not miss your chance. The next week of the tournament will end on August 14, so you have a few days to make up your arrears. This is a tournament for all players, everyone can take part in it, regardless of how long he is a casino member. So you can deal with this issue even immediately after registration.

How to take part in the tournament 8K Splash Tournament

Signing to the 8K Splash Tournament is not complicated. You do not even have to write, the only thing you need to do is pay a deposit. If this week you want to approach the tournament, deposit to your 20 Euro casino account. If you enjoy the fun and you will want to play in the next week, you will have to pay another deposit about the same value.

Another task is a game on machines. The rules are extremely simple, all you need to do is played on your favorite slots. Omni Slots does not give any list of machines from which you can use in the regulations are written that These can be all slots that are fruit automatons, popular, video machines and machines with an active jackpot. The title and type has no significance, you can try these games that you already know and in which you feel confident or on the contrary, you can only play in new games that you have not yet had the opportunity to get to know.

In this tournament only the result you will achieve during the game. The casino indicates that only people with the largest winnings will be able to stand on the podium in the leader table. So you can set the bet that suits you, only the biggest win you can get from one spin.

What can you win in the 8K SPLASH TOURNAMENT tournament?

This time Omni Slots has to hand 8 000 euro on the entire tournament. This means that players can get games each week 2 000 euro. This is a whole prize pool, and this one will always be divided between 25 people. Of course, the first person will get her biggest part, because up to 500 euros. The second person on the list will not come out, because he will get 250 euros. The last player on the podium will own 150 euros. Another person on the list will embrace 120 euros, the player in the fifth place will be given to 80 euros. Persons from 21 to 25th place will get 20 euros.