Boaboa Casino rewards your player for playing slots from Play'n Go

By magdalena
November 26, 2019
Boaboa is one of the better casinos for Australian players. The casino accepts Poles without a problem, allows you to pay Australian currency and make payments with the help of PaySafe Card. But this is not everything, Boaboa guarantees very interesting promotions and organizes great tournaments. If you have not registered yet, do it now, you will have not only promotions, but also many games and other benefits that you can get during a casino stay.

Boaboa Casino is known for being quite often organizing interesting tournaments. It's like this and in this case. From today, from November 25, 2019 The unusual great winnings starts. He started even at 00.00, so we already have several hours of the tournament behind. The tournament will last exactly for a week, which means that it will end December 1, 2019 at 23.59. The beginning of the competition is an ideal moment to sign up for it. You have a lot of time to pick up a sufficient number of points. Do not wait and sign up to him now.

Principles of the Competition Big winnings

This time, games from Play 'N Go are involved in the competition. There are several of them, so every player has a choice. May decide on one game or all, it depends on the player's preferences. The tournament counts: Big Win 777, Rainforest Magic, Doom of Egypt, Honey Rush, Black Mamba i Cash Pump. As we mentioned, all games come from a popular Play'n GO provider. The tournament is to put at least 1 € on the selected game. Each set for 1 € means 1 point in the results table. Depending on how much you bet, this will be your final result.

It is worth remembering that only listed slots are involved in the tournament, the player does not get extra points for playing other games on the Boaboa casino page. You can also not play free games versions. For sure you can read the Tournament Regulations, which can be easily found on the casino page.

What can you win during the tournament Wielkie Winned in Boaboa?

The prize pool offered by the casino is until 4 000€. This pool will be divided between all winners. Places to fill up to 50So you can also and you. At the moment, to get to the top, only about 300 points are needed, so it is won at your fingertips. It is worth gaining first, because the main winner gets up to 1,000 €. In turn, a person in the 2nd position will be awarded half, or 500 €. The third person on the list receives 400 €.

Then the win is gradually reduced, 4. and 5. A person on the list receive 150 €, another after 100 €. From 11. to 20. Places are obtained by 50 €, and from 21 to 30. Everyone will get 25 €. All the rest, depending on the position will get 15 € or 10 €, this is the smallest possible win. Each winner will get prizes within three days of the end of the competition, they will be sent to the Casino account. It is worth trying his hand at the tournament, especially if you are a fan of slot machines and during this week, you intend to play in one-armed bandits, which is why you do not get a prize in the tournament. Good luck!