Big money for hand in Betsson

By magdalena
2 March, 2022
Currently, most cases in online casinos apply to slots, so it is nice to see a quite large event that has been organized with the participation of live games. The devotees of this type of games will finally be changing and in one of the best casinos on the market, and Betsson is. Many times we have already mentioned this site and it is not for a reason because it is a safe casino, and in addition one of the best organizers exciting events. In this article, we want to tell a little about the latest tournament, which started only today, and already have dozens of participants competing for the highest prizes in this event. So we invite you to read.

Live tournament in online casino Betsson

If you have a chrap on a really big event in which you win as big, decide to take part in the latest tournament in Betsson. It goes exclusively around live games, so if you have little tournaments with their participation, this event will turn out to be ideal. Indeed, recently players could have no opportunity to compete in live games, but fortunately Betsson decided to repair this situation and prepared really admirable event, so all the more worth taking part in it.

How to compete in the latest Betsson tournament

A live games tournament in Betsson starts from today, so if you want to take part in it, this is the best time to collect as much points as possible. The sooner you start, the greater you have the chance, so do not lose a moment. However, there is another chance for Latted Because the tournament was divided into two parts. During the game, the first of them starts On February 28, 2022 and ends on March 7, 2022, the next part of the tournament begins on the same day and will last until March 14.

So we have all two weeks for fun, collecting points and win high amounts. It is worth knowing that this event has no complicated rules. In fact, you do what you would do normally, that is, you log in to the site (or register in the casino, if you do not have an account yet) and then turn on one of the games that take part in this event. In the game there will be information about how you want, you can take part in a new tournament, and your task is to confirm that from that moment you are a new participant.

Selected live games are involved in both parts of this tournament. Among them is roulette, blackjack, bacarat (various versions of these games), as well as show games that are especially popular. Full list of these games is available to people who subscribe to the tournament. There is enough of them to fill many days of the game, so you will definitely have something to choose. However, it should be remembered that certain rules apply, and the most important thing is that The minimum plant is 0.90 AUD for every round. If you decide to do less, unfortunately this round will not be counted.

Who wins the live tournament in the online casino Betsson

The principle is that all participants during the tournament collect points. Each won 4.50 AUD is 1 point. It is known that every point comes closer to players to the largest win, so it is worth getting them as much as possible. In each part of this tournament, you will be distributed with happy players exactly AUD 67 500. You have a chance to win twice, and so a large amount will get into the hands of only the best players who are at the top of the table. So collect points, and then enjoy the prize.