A large lottery in Betsafe Casino

By magdalena
26 July, 2022
Today we would like to discuss an interesting proposal from Betsafe. This page has already appeared several times on our site, you can read a detailed review of this casino, if of course you are not registered in it. This casino is extremely popular because it has been called for a trustworthy manufacturer, and also because it offers many possibilities of betting and has a large number of games in its collection. Betsafe can also be admired because it often organizes interesting events for its players. You can win additional money on the game and other extras. Below I will describe the latest event on Betsafe, read what you will rely on and decide yourself if it is worth joining it.

Play Trollpot 5000 and win

Recently, a completely new game named appeared on the market Trollpot 5000. This is a classic game from NetEntIn which you can win up to up to 10,000 x player. Graphics, as always in the case of netent, is impeccable, slot is one word worth checking. betsafe It allows your players to check this machine, and at the same time to win extra money in the lottery. This promotion has been going on since July 17, 2022 and will be active until August 3, 2022u.

The prize draw will take place every day and every day you start with a clean account, so you can choose when you want to play and when not. This proposal is ideal for people who do not like long tournaments for a few days. In this case, you can approach several times, and the results will be known on the same day, so you will not wait for them too long.

How to take part in the new Betsafe casino lottery?

It is worth remembering that for the lottery you must first save. Your spins will not count up to this point until you sign up. Only then can you start your journey. You can sign up one day, not every day you want to take part in the promotion. The rule is that For every 90 AUD you will get 1 lottery ticket. You can get a maximum of 10 tickets a day, and it is known that each of them increases your chances of winning.

For more tickets you can fight throughout the day, this promotion is available from 00.00 to exactly 23.59. At midnight, your result will come back to zero again and you will be able to get more tickets to the draw. The advantage of this lottery is the fact that the casino did not specify with which the player had to play. So you can choose a minimum amount or on the contrary, a very large amount to immediately get enough money to get one ticket. Remember that you can play exclusively for real money, unfortunately do not count on the promotion. If you are a mobile player, you can approach the lottery without any problem, in this case there are no restrictions.

What can you win in the latest Betsafe casino lottery?

In this lottery Betsafe has to give up until AUD 121 500. So a huge sum will be distributed in general for all days. In turn Every day, players can count on 6,750 zł . The happy winners of the lottery will be as much as 73 and they will be chased every day. One person will get 2 250 AUD, 2 people will get AUD 450, 20 players will receive AUD 90, and the others, or 50 people will be awarded AUD 45. All these prizes will be paid within two business days. A big surprise for players is that the sum of the sum is not targeted, the whole part is completely yours and then you can pay it right away. This is a great facilitation in relation to other tournaments in which you have to turn win.