Great daily lottery in Betsson

By magdalena
29 March, 2022
If you have a little free time, and your passion is online casinos, it's worth taking a closer look at the Betsson offer. Betsson casino does not need to be particularly presented because it is one of the most famous websites about gambling in Australia and not only. One of the characteristic features of this casino is undoubtedly that often organizes various types of events for their players. You must also mention that sometimes they are really big and they do not resemble tournaments in which you can win a few hundred. If you are only interested in large events, be sure to subscribe to the ongoing tournament, which more you will learn below.

AUD 360,000 to be won by online casino Betsson

For lovers of large cash casino Betsson prepared a special event. This is a tournament connected to the lottery, which is a quite interesting hybrid that works in many cases. Betsson likes to surprise his players and so it was also now, When AUD 360,000 is to win. Undoubtedly, such a sum can only be found in the best casinos, and Betsson must certainly be.

The new event in this casino was just called the daily lottery of prizes, because that's how it works. Players have a daily opportunity to win a pretty good sum. We really like the events of this type, because the vast majority of them require a few days of involvement from the player, which is not everyone can or simply does not want to afford. In this case, we can choose a day in which we have a little more time for entertainment to devote it to the lottery in Betsson. You can choose any day From March 16, 2022 to March 31, 2022. Certainly one of these days will turn out to take part in this event.

The exact rules of the New Lottery in Betsson Casino

If this is your first online casino lottery or in Betson, you do not have to worry because the rules of this event are really simple. We have very good news, because all slots and live games are involved in this lottery. It is impossible to hide that the Betsson casino is really very well equipped, so it's something to choose. It is an ideal option for novice gambling devotees, because they can get to know some games, choose only the most popular or those seeming familiar.

Each game counts exactly the same, so use your favorite slots and enjoy winnings. It does not matter what rate you choose can even be this minimum. The only condition is to use real resources. There is also no importance that you use. For each rotated 90 AUD in any games you get exactly 1 lottery ticket. Every day you can get a maximum of 25 tickets, and they are more, the greater the chance of winning. Do not forget to save, because the turnover will only count on the recording.

Possible winnings in the Betsson online casino tournament

Generally Betsson Casino has 360,000 zlotys. The lotteries take place every day and a AUD 22 500 is separated from the general sum. This amount is shared between 100 players in a specific way that looks like this:

  • The main prize in the form of AUD 4,500
  • Several individual prizes in the form of AUD 3 375, AUD 2,250, AUD 1,800 and AUD 900.
  • 25 x 250 AUD
  • 20 x 90 AUD
  • 50 x 45 AUD

The big advantage of this tournament is that The winnings have no turnover. This means that immediately after receiving a given amount you can simply pay it. All prizes are forwarded to players within a maximum of 2 days.