Betsson surprises an interesting event

By magdalena
November 28, 2019
Betsson is one of the most famous online casinos for Australian players. Nothing in this strange page for a long time accepts the fans of slots from Australia, allows you to pay in the native currency and is known for its professional customer service. There is one more reason why players choose Betson, and these are promotions. The casino is generous and does not spare on their players. This can be seen after an unusual welcome bonus, weekly bonuses and other promotions and tournaments that appear as often. We would like to encourage all Australian players to participate in one of them.

Most online casinos organizing various types of tournaments choose slots of a given manufacturer, promoting them. Sometimes machines are chosen due to low popularity or simply from the manufacturer's command. Some casinos, however, go a step further and prepare amazing thematic tournaments. The tournament of this type was recently organized by Betsson Casino, and it is directed especially for fans a little sharper sound.

What is the new Betsson tournament?

The Rock Tournament The sky started on November 21 this year at 16.00, so if you have not saved it yet, do it now. However, you still have a whole weekend because the tournament will end on December 1 at 23.59. It is an ideal offer for people who usually come back to the casinos for the weekend, you still have 4 days for winning.

Together with the tournament, you can move to the music of the 80s and 90s. In the rock heaven you can only play in slots with rock musical topics. Many people still combine the sentiment with this period, there are also many fans of this species, and what interesting, many slots about this subject were created. Just in this tournament take part: Ozzy Osbourne, Motorhead, Guns'n Roses and Jimi Hendrix. There is a pot to win as much as AUD 120,000, so the rate is large. Remember that you can be one of the winners.

Tournament principles

The Rock Tournament Rules are not complicated, but they are distinguished against competitions in other casinos. Tournaments usually rely on the fact that based on the cash released, the player gets a certain number of points. In this case, you can play only once and win the main prize, which is a very lucrative offer. You do not have to spend hundreds of zlotys to stand on the podium. All you have to do is play at least once a chosen from the list of automaton and spend 80 zlotys on it. You will get one ticket for this money.

Each player can get more than 1 ticket, there may be a few, and the casino announces that a larger number of tickets automatically increases the chance to win. Each ticket has its own identifier. The drawing of happy tickets will take place on December 4, and the winners will be announced a day later, or December 5.

What can you win in the tournament?

As we have already mentioned, the Awards Pula in the Rock Tournament The sky is as much as AUD 120,000. Interestingly, the places to be filled are 561, so there are very good chances that you will find yourself among the winners. 12,000 zlotys are foreseen for the first place. On the other hand, the second prize is AUD 8,000, for the third AUD 6,000. For the fourth place, AUD 4,000 can be grown, for the fifth and sixth win amounts to AUD 3,000. From the seventh to the tenth place you can get AUD 2,000. Win with each place decreases, and for people from 131. to 561. Places are planned to pay 100 AUD. We wish you a pleasant fun!